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Online Learning Technologies

There may be some technologies being used to support online learning that are new to you. We are compiling help documentation to guide you through the use of these tools. Highlighted below are key steps to getting up and running with these technologies. If the platform or application you are looking for is not listed below or if you have additional questions, please contact the Help Desk.

Our Help Desk is Available

Our Help Desk and User Support Specialists are available to remotely help you install approved software needed for class. Please call or submit a ticket online to make an appointment with User Support.

Phone: 510.594.5010 (Monday-Friday, 8am-8pm)


Online: Submit Help Desk Ticket


Get started with this 8-minute how-to video on Moodle!

  • Moodle can be accessed at using your CCA username and password.
  • You should see your classes as cards down the center of your Dashboard. These course cards may be out of order so be sure to scroll all the way down while you search for your course. Click on a card to go to that course.
  • Your instructor may have added readings, resources, assignments, forums, and quizzes to your Moodle course site. It is important that you check the Moodle page for due dates and instructions.
  • Uploading an assignment in Moodle requires a few steps. Follow these instructions.
  • You can find Moodle help documentation on the Portal.
  • Be sure to try the Moodle mobile app!

While the Moodle mobile app is good for consumption of media, it is not recommended for uploading media to a Moodle course page or to an assignment or forum. It is best to use a laptop or desktop and do this work in a browser.

If you do not see your course, it is most likely because your instructor is not using Moodle or the course is still hidden. Until your instructor unhides your course, you will not be able to see it. If they are having trouble, point them to the unhiding your course help document.


Get started with this 6-minute how-to video on VoiceThread!

  • VoiceThread can be found at and requires your CCA username and password.
  • VoiceThread is a fun and engaging browser-based application that allows you to upload media or files and then leave audio, video, or type comments on your own media or someone else's.
  • You may be asked to create your own VoiceThread. There are three basic steps: Add your media or files, record or type comments, and share your VoiceThread with your group or instructor.
  • You can find VoiceThread help documentation on the Portal.
  • Be sure to try the VoiceThread mobile app!
  • The hardest part about VoiceThread is becoming part of the class group that your instructor sets up. They may email you a link inviting you to join. It's best if you have already visited and logged in at least once prior to clicking on this link. As always, if you have trouble please contact the HelpDesk.

Not all VoiceThread functions will work in Safari. It's best to use Firefox, Chrome, or another browser.

Google Classroom

  • Google Classroom is a simple platform for sharing resources, collecting assignments, and posting announcements. It is integrated with many of the other Google tools making it easy to turn in Google Docs or Slides or files you are storing on your Google Drive.
  • The Classwork tab is where you will usually find the syllabus, resources or readings, assignments, question assignments, or quizzes. You can also access your work from here, once you have submitted assignments. You do not need to visit the "Class Drive folder."
  • The best way to successfully use Classroom is to move slowly. Read every pop-up or message. Read every instruction. Take your time. Classroom will try to guide you as much as possible.
  • Be sure to try the mobile app!
  • If you have questions, try our Google Classroom help documentation on the Portal.

Course Section Pages on Portal

  • There are Portal pages for each course section offered at CCA. Faculty may make important course resources and links available from these pages, such as the section syllabus, links to course sites, readings, and more.
  • When logged in to Portal, registered students can access all of these uploaded resources.
  • As a student, you can easily access your course section pages using the My Classes widget on the Portal home page (only available when logged in to Portal). This widget lists the course sections you are registered in for the current term, with links to each course section page.



Note: If you previously had difficulty accessing Zoom, be sure you are using the new single sign-on login.

  • Download and install Zoom if you haven't already. Learn how to install the Zoom client on MacOS or Windows.
  • Log in using SSO and using the domain:, if prompted. SSO stands for single sign-on and requires your regular CCA username and password.
  • Students will usually have a "Basic" account, allowing you to host a meeting for up to 40 minutes with 100 participants.
  • An instructor may invite you to a live Zoom session for your class. Learn how to join a session here.
  • For more help with Zoom, visit our help documentation on the Portal or visit where you can find the answers to almost any question about Zoom meetings.