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Student Making and Technology Support

The Help Desk, Libraries, Academic Computing and Instructional Fabrication teams have joined forces to offer an integrative and holistic approach to offering virtual student support for this Fall semester. Through technical support, coaches and mentors, these services support students experiencing challenges with online course tools and specific software and making tools as part of their coursework.

Many existing services have been redesigned for virtual delivery, new services have been added, and hours expanded to address time zone differences. The process by which these are accessed has been streamlined, so students can be connected to help as quickly as possible.

Help Desk

Requests for any of the services below, as well as general questions about technology, or technology support, can be initiated through the Help Desk. This Fall, to accommodate students in different timezones, we have expanded Help Desk Hours to 8am - 8pm Monday through Friday.


We have added Help Desk Chat, making it easy for you to connect with one of our Help Desk staff. You’ll find a chat option on this page in the lower right corner, the Help Desk page, or any of the Educational Technology or Academic Technology pages on Portal. Simply click on the chatbot to open it and ask your question to get started! Someone will respond shortly during open hours (Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm), or as soon as we are next open.

Through Help Desk tickets and Chat, we can answer most technical questions, connect you with specialists who can troubleshoot more complex issues, and refer you to services available to best offer help for your specific needs, including all of the services listed below.

Teaching Technologies

A team of staff and work study are providing support for technologies used to deliver instruction, such as Moodle, VoiceThread and Panopto. This team provides help documentation, delivers workshops and tutorial recordings, answers any questions from both faculty and student views and troubleshoots issues that come up.

Help Desk will connect you to the appropriate resources for your inquiry.

Studio Office Hours

Studio staff and student coaches are available to provide one-on-one or small group support for your projects. They can answer questions, troubleshoot your project or design, give you advice on tools and materials and help you figure out solutions that will work in your home studio.

Help Desk can connect you with the studio coach who will have the knowledge that you need. You can also schedule an appointment in Workday, which will let you choose a helper by name, or by area of expertise. Please see Student Appointments in Workday below to learn how (coming soon!).

Studio Skills Workshops

CCA’s Studio Managers will be hosting live online shop demonstrations and skillshare sessions on Zoom throughout the semester. Students and faculty can request topics by sending an email to

Maker's Network

Community Spaces and Virtual Labs

The Maker’s Network is an online community space hosted by CCA’s studio management team. This virtual shop is intended to provide opportunities for casual cross-discipline conversation, learning and collaboration in the same way that working together in on-campus studios gives students from Design, Architecture, Fine Arts, and the First Year Program a chance to interact, learn, and collaborate outside the classroom environment.

The Maker’s Network will be a venue for the casual, fun, and social learning experiences that happen in our shops, studios and labs: live demonstrations, direct access to studio staff and experienced peers, tips about tools and materials, and conversations about critical concerns like sustainability and supporting diversity in our maker culture.

If you are a student interested in helping us build this space, please contact We will have some opportunities for paid positions for community managers and studio coaches.

This initiative will be launching soon, and will be made available through the Shops virtual directory at

Software Coaching

We are assembling a network of staff and student coaches, who are experts in most of the software used by CCA students for coursework. These coaches are available to meet one-on-one with you to get started on software that is new to you, or help resolve a particular challenge in applying the software to a particular assignment or project.

If you think you could benefit from meeting with a software coach, reach out to Help Desk. You can also schedule an appointment with a software coach in Workday by following the instructions below for Student Appointments in Workday below (coming soon!). Be sure to use the category “Software Coach”, and choose the particular software you need help with as the “Primary Reason”.

Library Services

CCA librarians are available to provide support online for any of the library services, as well as assist students with in-depth research projects. You can connect with Library services via a Help Desk ticket, or use the “Chat with a Librarian” chat tool available on the Libraries site (

Make an Appointment in Workday

Coming soon... stay tuned!