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Fall 2020: Working

During the fall semester, all staff who are able to work remotely will continue to do so, and campus facilities are closed to everyone except essential staff. Here, CCA staff can find information from Human Resources and Facilities + Operations about health and safety guidelines, remote work, access to campus, ETS resources, and more.

Working on Campus

Only essential employees engaging in essential functions are allowed to work on campus at this time. All staff, faculty, and students who need to physically be on campus or in CCA residences must complete a brief, online assessment of symptoms and exposure risk prior to entering either CCA campus. Learn more about the #CampusClear daily health self-assessment tool and download the app. When you are on campus, follow all posted guidelines. Face coverings must be worn at all times on both campuses and in shared areas of CCA residence halls.

Working Remotely

Most employees will continue to work remotely through the fall 2020 semester according to arrangements they’ve established with their supervisors. Employees may access their offices on select days to retrieve files, materials, and equipment. Learn more about campus access and taking home CCA equipment. Much more information about working remotely, including details about technology support, what to do if you are sick, CCA’s interim reimbursement policy for worker expenses, remote work tips, and benefits information is available on Human Resource’s Workplace guidelines during COVID–19 page.

Positive Test, Symptoms, or Exposure

If you are sick, stay home! If you test positive for COVID-19 or are exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, contact HR immediately at CCA will cooperate with public health officials to facilitate contact tracing to help identify and contact individuals who may have been exposed. CCA employees and students who are on campus are encouraged to keep a daily log of people with whom they have close contact. This log does not have to be shared with anyone, but if you test positive this information may help public health officials identify and contact individuals who may have been exposed.

Employees who are ill and unable to work should use their sick time in accordance with the college’s sick time policies. Staff must notify their manager, and faculty must notify their program chair if they are unable to work due to illness. See more information for sick employees.

Technology Support

The Help Desk and Staff Support are operating business as usual, albeit remotely. We have lined up some additional staff available to pitch in as needed to make sure you receive support and answers to your questions in a timely manner. All help requests must go through Help Desk. This allows us to more efficiently and effectively route your request to the right resource.

During normal operations, CCA does not allow the use of personal computers for work to ensure the protection and preservation of CCA-managed files and data. During this period of remote work, however, the demand for laptops has exceeded our ability to ensure that every staff member has a laptop to use at home. We appreciate the flexibility of our staff, many of whom were willing to use their personal computers for work during this time. To support this, and to continue to protect the CCA community, we ask that all staff using their personal computers for work purposes carefully review and follow these guidelines: Staff Use of Personal Computers During Campus Closure. As a reminder, please follow the Guidelines for Data Sharing and Storing on any device you are using.

Enhanced Cleaning Procedures

The Facilities Operations team is implementing new procedures for thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting all occupied facilities each evening. High-touch areas will be wiped down with disinfectant throughout the day, and spray cleaning supplies will be provided for people to use before and after each use. All ducts in buildings will be cleaned and maintained. Air filters will be upgraded to MERV-13 for enhanced filtration. Indoor air flow/circulation will be increased where possible.