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CURPR-606-01: A&D: Publishing as Practice

Spring 2019
Subject: Curatorial Practice - MA
Type: Lecture
Level: GR

Campus: San Francisco
Course Dates: February 05, 2019 - May 07, 2019
Meetings: Tu 12:30pm-3:30pm
Instructor: Michele Carlson

Units: 3
Available: 1/6

Course Description:

This course is a practicum concentrated on real-world engagement with artists, with a focus on the formats of the studio visit and the interview. Students conduct, document, and present studio visits and interviews with artists, with a view to accumulating a substantial body of knowledge about contemporary artistic practice.

Section Description:

This course will consider critical strategies of writing as a profession, focusing largely on the dynamic and creative sphere of arts publishing. Over the semester, we will focus on the state of the field by assessing art writing and criticism from the site of diverse publications in print and online art journals, newspapers, blogs, and magazines. Special attention will be paid to thinking expansively about where art writing and criticism can "live" and the many forms it can take. For instance, what does considering a zine, graphic novel, infographic, video, meme, creative writing, poetry, or social media as forms of criticism produce? While new forms of making and artistic practice emerge, this class will examine the ways that art writing should equally make dynamic shifts. In addition, this course will approach the profession of writing from a practical perspective through crafting pitches, clip packs, cultivating audience, editing, voice, style guides, different forms of "art writing," ethics in publishing, and the inner workings of diverse writing professions. How do we begin to build an audience for our writing? This course is held in collaboration with Art Practical, the arts publishing and media organization hosted by CCA. Students will engage a combination of readings, lectures, and visits from writing professionals in the field and compile their own professional portfolio, including the opportunity to publish a piece of writing in Art Practical.


Curatorial Practice majors only