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Equipment and Software Planning and Replacement Process FY19-20

Equipment Refresh

ETS budgets for, purchases, and maintains a standard suite of technology resources for all classrooms, offices, and general-use facilities. This technology is intended to support the core functions of classroom instruction, office workflow, and campus operations. We have implemented a multi-year refresh process for all technology resources. The refresh schedule will be distributed and posted online. The funding for equipment refresh happens in the annual operational budgeting process and is subject to change based on budget priorities.

  • Academic Lab Desktop Computers: 3 years
  • Administrative and Academic Staff Computers: 4 years
  • Printers and Scanners: 5 years or as necessary
  • Classroom AV Equipment:
    • Projectors: 3 years
    • Flat screen displays: 5+ years
    • Control and Audio Systems: 5-10 years based on technology requirements.

Administrative Computer Refresh Schedule

Staff computers are refreshed based on an individual basis, inline with a 4-year refresh cycle.

Academic Computer Refresh Schedule

2016 - 2017

  • B Building/Ralls Lecterns
  • Founders 307, 309
  • Grad Lab
  • SF Lab D
  • SF Library - iMacs & Catalog
  • SF RPS Studios & CNC Router
  • SF Film Checkout
  • SF Media Center Checkout

2017 - 2018

  • Founders 101, 304, 306, 308
  • Hybrid Lab
  • Lecture Editing/DVD
  • Library - Mac Pros
  • MFA Writing
  • Sound Booth
  • Textiles

2018 - 2019

  • Digital Fine Art Studio
  • SF Labs 130, 131
  • SF Labs A, B, C
  • Manx 201, 202, 204
  • SF Editing Suites

2019 - 2020

  • Cafe Kiosks
  • Ceramics Cor
  • DCC Printing & Monitoring
  • DFAS Printers
  • Oakland Library - Catalog
  • Oakland Media Center Checkout
  • Textiles - Looms
  • Writing

Departmental Equipment and Software

Program/department specific resource items must be requested by the academic or administrative department in consultation with ETS staff. These resources should be budgeted for by the appropriate department budget manager and included in the departmental budget.

These include software, web application and cloud subscription services not in our administrative or academic software builds (examples: Tableau, ScheduleOnce, SurveyMonkey) that are not for instruction or enterprise-use (i.e. specific only to a single department function or role).

Ancillary devices (not supported by ETS):

  • Non-networked printers, scanners and consumables
  • Storage Media (external hard drives, thumb drives, etc.)
  • Mobile Devices (mobile phones)
  • Media Equipment (specific to a role)

Feedback/Input Mechanisms:

  • ETS is part of the review and approval for all department budgeted technology

Academic Software Requests

Software intended for use in the open computer labs, lab classrooms, distributed labs, libraries and circulated laptops must be requested during the College's annual budget process. Software requests are evaluated for approval by ETS and faculty leadership based on need, compatibility and licensing cost. Free software and software updates and plugins must also be requested using the same process to insure stability and consistency. Faculty software requests must first go through the Department Chair and or Dean, who will submit approved requests via Help Desk ticket. The full policy can be found on the ETS website.

Feedback/Input Mechanisms:

  • Submit requests via Help Desk ticket


Requests for repair, replacement, or maintenance of any existing, supported resource should be directed to ETS via the Help Desk ticketing system throughout the year.

Feedback/Input Mechanisms:

  • Any equipment needing repair or replacement -- Help Desk Ticket
  • Additional Equipment Requests (non-project based) -- Help Desk Ticket
  • Equipment or space redesign -- Collaborative project proposal and budget development


Projects are large initiatives that require significant new budget dollars and staffing resources to complete. ETS is focusing its resources to planned strategic projects, classroom and lab refresh (as listed above), core enterprise system upgrades, and support service improvements. These include Workday Finance and student recruiting and admissions, Intranet/Portal and, and the network infrastructure. Therefore, ETS is not seeking additional project proposals this fiscal year.

These kinds of projects require a good head-start to coordinate well, so we welcome any and all conversations around academic and pedagogical needs around technology.

Emergent needs or those that fall outside of the processes outlined above will be addressed on a case by case basis.

Capital Equipment

Technology equipment proposals for items valued at >$1,000 (laptops, etc.) are developed and administered jointly by ETS and the requesting Academic Unit. Leasing capital equipment requires an expanded process, which includes approval by the business office and negotiation of rates with our lending institution. This timeline necessitates requests to be compiled by April prior to the fiscal year start (July). Placing capital equipment under a lease agreement offers significant financial advantages to the College, including the ability to spread costs over the 3-year life cycle of the equipment. If your unit has this type of equipment need, please contact Todd Larson directly.