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A/V Ready Locations

A/V Services supports a number of A/V-ready locations across both the Oakland and San Francisco campuses, equipped with projectors, displays and audio systems.

Event Tech Support

Event Tech Support Recharge Policy

Services and Rate Schedule: Recharge to sponsoring department:

Event Technician Fee: 4 hour minimum

$55/hour/ 1 technician

  • Event AV set up, break down, relocation, and transportation
  • Space preparation, configuration and AV system checks
  • Other services as planned and approved
  • Minimum event cost: 4 hours x $55/hour = $220

Event Videography/Editing: 8 hour minimum

$55/hour/ 1 technician

  • Video camera, audio and lighting set up
  • Video and audio recording
  • Editing and post production
  • File preparation and delivery
  • Minimum videography cost: 8 hours x $55/hour = $440
  • For more information see our Events / Videography Policy


A 2 hour event requiring AV Tech Support services and video documentation:

  • 4-hour (minimum) event tech at $55 per hour = $220
  • 8 hours (minimum) video documentation and editing = $440
  • Total = $660

Events with complex AV support needs may require multiple technicians, resulting in additional fees. These needs will be assessed in consultation with the event sponsor prior to scheduling. Events that require a technician or videographer, will need to be booked two weeks in advance of the event date.

Some events may require additional AV support and setup beyond the scope of CCA’s Media Services. In this case, a two-week notice and a detailed list of equipment and scope of set up are required to ensure compatibility with our installed AV system. If you are unsure if your event requires third-party support, please contact the AV manager.

For more information and to schedule a consultation, please contact Event Technical Coordinator, Michael Carlson.