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Google Classroom

Google Classroom is available to CCA through their partnership with G Suite for Education, the free suite of productivity tools including, but not limited to, Docs, Drive, and Slides. It is a learning management system that simplifies uploading, collecting, and grading assignments in a paperless way through integration with Google Drive. Faculty and students can also interact in online discussions within Google Classroom. This is not intended in any way to replace Moodle, but is another choice for faculty who are already proactively using Google Drive in their classrooms.

What Can It Do?

It provides a virtual space for faculty and students to interact with assignments and engage in discussions. Instructors can upload syllabi, assignments, and supplementary materials to their classroom that students can view and download. Instructors can also create assignments so that students can complete and submit them within Google classroom. Google Drive and Google Docs are seamlessly integrated into Classroom so you can pull files to and from your Drive as well as upload files from your hard drive. Instructors can post announcements and questions to students in the real-time class stream, creating discussion amongst students in the class.

Accessing Google Classroom

Google Classroom is quick and easy for faculty to set up. It improves organization, enhances communication between students and instructors, and cuts down the time it takes to collect and grade assignments.

Instructors will need to choose "Teacher" when they first try to set up their class which will place you on a pending approval list. Once you have been added to the Teacher list, you can create your class. You must be logged into your CCA gmail account in order to access Google Classroom. Classes are not automatically created; you create a class once you've logged into Google Classroom as a teacher and begin customizing it, adding materials, and inviting students to join with the class code that is produced when you make a class. You can use Google Classroom from your browser or through the iOS and Android apps.

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Additional Help

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