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VoiceThread is a web-based application that enables instructors and students to upload images, video, or documents and then record and add audio, video, or text comments. Comments create a timeline for each frame which becomes an engaging asynchronous conversation. It's perfect for peer interaction, collaborative projects, iterative online critiques, or flipping your classroom!

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The pages linked below will help you understand how to get started in VoiceThread:

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Getting Started

Want to start using VoiceThread for your class? These help docs will show you how great a tool VoiceThread can be for the classroom and all the things it can do to encourage discussion and participation in, and outside of class. You don't even have to worry about making an account, because every instructor and student already has an account created with their CCA email address.

Help Docs


Mobile Apps

Did you know you can access VoiceThread on your Android or Apple devices? You can see your VoiceThreads, your groups, and even create VoiceThreads straight from your mobile device! These guides will help you understand how to get the apps and begin using them.


Sharing and Groups

Within VoiceThread, like most other websites and apps, you can share things. You can share VoiceThreads several different ways with students, collaborators, and instructors. These guides will show you how to share each way.


Help Docs



Need more help with VoiceThread? When available, workshop dates and descriptions will be on the calendar. Check out our Teaching Lab calendar for upcoming dates and registration links or visit VoiceThread's official blog here: The Help Docs above will also help you get started with VoiceThread.