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Exhibitions & Events

For a comprehensive list of exhibitions and public programs affiliated with CCA, see the Events Calendar. See below for current and upcoming exhibitions at the CCA Hubbell Street Galleries, Oliver Art Center, and Isabelle Percy West Gallery.

San Francisco, CCA Hubbell Street Galleries

Oakland, Oliver Art Center

Making (It) Work

January 22 - February 7

The New Aesthetics (First Year Exhibition 2019)

February 11 - 21

Senior Exhibitions: Chenxi Wang (Photography), Michaela Realiza (Printmaking), Julianne Villegas (Printmaking), Joseph Carr (Printmaking), Tyler Poolos (Photography)

February 25 - March 1

Senior Exhibitions: Pei Ran Wang (Jewelry/Metal Arts), Stacia Klein (Individualized Major), James Seckelman (Individualized Major), Yu Ge (Jewelry/Metal Arts), Jenavieve Baker (Glass)

March 4 - 8

Senior Exhibitions: Luke Bennett-Fieman (Glass), Joel Lopez (Glass), Kelly Sutherland (Jewelry/Metal Arts), Jingfeng Fu (Jewelry/Metal Arts), Alexza Gipson (Jewelry/Metal Arts)

April 1 - 5

Oakland, Isabelle Percy West Gallery

Everything is Sacred: Exploring Radical Self Care

January 22 - 31

Fire Season

February 4 - 22

Senior Exhibition: Eric Roennecke (Individualized Major)

February 25 - March 1

Senior Exhibition: Allegra Samp (Textiles)

March 4 - 8

Senior Exhibition: Ashley Corso (Textiles)

March 11 - 14

Senior Exhibition: Chanell Stone (Photography)

March 18 - 22

Senior Exhibition: Theo Lyons (Individualized Major)

April 1 - 5

Senior Exhibition: Jingyuan Li (Photography)

April 8 - 12