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Computer Lab Printing

Last updated on Sep 23, 2022

On-campus printing available for Students, Faculty and Staff in Fall 2022

Printing options are available at the various computer labs located around campus. In order to use any printer at CCA, you must have an active CCA print account. If you need to activate your print account, first activate your CCA directory account. Most Lab printers are also accessible via laptop. If you would like to print to any of CCA's lab printers from your laptop, please follow the Laptop Printing instructions.

Faculty and students receive a credit each semester to offset the costs of printing, see below for details. For information about staff printing options, please contact your manager or the Help Desk for staff support.

Paper Options

CCA offers Black & White and Color printing, at paper sizes of US Letter (8.5"x11") & Tabloid (11"x17"). The Black & White printers use a 20 lb. copy/print paper with a GE brightness of 92. The Color printers use Hammermill 28 lb. color copy digital paper paper with a GE brightness of 100. For more information about pricing, please visit our 2D Printing Prices page.

How to Print

Follow these instructions for using PaperCut to release print jobs sent to lab printers: Lab Printing

All CCA students are given $15 of free printing per semester. This credit is deposited in each student print account a few days after the add/drop deadline of each semester. Once you have used up your semester quota, you can continue printing by adding fund to your print account via the PaperCut User Page.

CCA faculty are eligible to have a print account which offers the same access to the printing resources that students have, at the same prices. Faculty can use a print account for any work/personal purposes. Faculty receive $75 of funds each semester . For more information about adding funds, see Using your Print Account. The College also designates a printing budget for each academic program which faculty can use for any course-related printing and copying.

Please review the Printing Policy to understand the rules and guidelines for your print account.

Wide Format Printing

There are 2 HP Plotters outside of the Digital Fine Art Studio (DFAS) and 2 HP Plotters inside Computer Lab 240.