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Download WalkMe Extension Step by Step Guide

Download the WalkMe extension onto your browser for on-screen guides and tips to help you navigate Workday. All students are strongly encouraged to install the WalkMe extension. This extension only works on desktops and laptops, not mobile phones or tablets.

1. Activate CCA Account or Temporary Admissions Login

a. In order to access Workday (, you'll need a CCA Account or Temporary Admissions Login first.

b. Newly admitted students should use the Manage CCA Account Step by Step Guide to set up a Temporary Admissions Login (and later, a full-fledged CCA Account).

2. Download the WalkMe Extension

a. Go to the WalkMe Extension download site.

WalkMe Announcement in Workday
  • You can also find a link in the Announcements section of your Workday home dashboard.
    • Click Download WalkMe (desktop only) from the announcement to access the extension download site.

b. Click the Download Extension button.

download extension walkme

c. Click Add to Chrome.

walkme add to chrome

d. Click Add to confirm the new extension.

walkme add

3. Try It Out in Workday

WalkMe Need Help tab

a. Open, and log in using your CCA Account credentials or Temporary Admissions Login.

b. Your WalkMe extension should begin working automatically. You should see a Need Help? tab on the right-hand side of your Workday screen.

  • Click this tab to pull up the WalkMe menu and access on-screen guides for various tasks in Workday.

c. Go into your browser settings to manage your extensions or make changes.


If you have trouble accessing WalkMe even after downloading the browser extension, please first try the following:

  • Refresh your browser.
  • Log out of and back into Workday.
  • Make sure your browser extension is active by checking your browser's extension menu:
    1. When using Chrome, type chrome://extensions/ into the search bar to access the Extensions menu. If the WalkMe Extension is installed, it will appear as a card on this menu.
    2. Make sure the activate toggle is switched on (will show as blue).

Update WalkMe Extension site
  • You may need to update your WalkMe browser extension from time to time:
    1. Visit the WalkMe Extension download site.
    2. The Download Extension button will appear now as Update Extension. Click to check for/download any available updates.

Need more help?
Contact the Help Desk. Call 510.594.5010, email, or submit a ticket online.