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Workday Student now replaces WebAdvisor

Posted July 1, 2019, 8:41 AM by Nick Solomon Updated September 20, 2019, 11:42 AM

Workday Student is now the official student information system at CCA. You can login to workday at:

The following quick tips will help you get started in finding your information in Workday.


Academics and Finances dashboard worklets from the Workday home screen. These 2 icons on your homescreen will take you to dashboards designed to give you a summary of your student academic and financial information. You will also find links on these dashboards to additional information and actions you can take. Discover more about what you can do in Workday:

Student Profile. Your Workday student profile is a comprehensive hub for viewing your information and completing a range of tasks. From your Workday student profile, you can manage your personal and contact information, including your home address, legal and preferred names, and emergency contacts. You can view and resolve action items and holds on your account, and even access academic and financial tasks and information.

Academic Planning & Registration. Coming in August 2019, CCA will release new functionality in Workday that makes it easy for you to review your progress toward degree completion, develop a multi-year plan toward degree completion, and manage your course registration. Stay tuned for more information.


Teaching dashboard. Look for this worklet from your Workday homescreen for easy access to view your current and upcoming teaching assignments, course rosters, and access to grading. Discover more about using this dashboard on the Workday Resources for Faculty page.