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may 14

Fri, May 14 2021, 9AM - Sun, May 14 2023, 11PM


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Fashion Design Program

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During crises, humans rally in spectacular ways – to imagine a future path outside the shadow of the present circumstances.


Over the last year and a half, as the whole world was thrown up in the air + un-settled, the CCA Fashion community came together to share, empathize + support each other. We are only just starting to emerge from extraordinarily challenging physical + psychic conditions. But we emerge considerably changed. This time has revealed deep fissures in our social fabric + a clear need for fresh global visions.

在过去的一年半里,当整个世界被新冠疫情所笼罩之时,CCA时装部门的各位同仁仍然一起分享, 合作,互相支持彼此。与此同时, 我们也在逐步摆脱新冠疫情对我们身心所带来的影响,以及学业上所带来的新的挑战。这次公共卫生危机同时也揭露了国际社会上所存在的问题以及分歧。

The 2020/21 Senior Thesis Year was a remote and isolating experience. Additional effort had to be made just to connect, communicate + craft. I cannot emphasize enough the strength + courage of our graduating class of 2021. This generation of CCA fashion designers have fortitude, resilience + a multi-dimensional awareness that will serve them well. They turned inward by necessity, survived + now present their outwardly-facing ambitions to help us to imagine a world in which we can sustain ourselves + all our ecologies.

2020/21 届的大四是在线上度过的一届。 因为疫情隔离,大家相隔万里,同学之间互相的交流沟通就显得尤为困难。你们为此付诸了更多的努力,克服了更大的挑战,我在此对我们的大四学生们表示出我无以复加的赞许之情。这一届的大四学子们,你们的坚韧不拔,对于突发情况的适应能力,以及你们宽阔的视野都将会是你们未来人生道路上的一大助力。你们逆风翻盘,向阳而生,终将用你们的才智打造一个更美好的世界。

Enjoy the fresh visions of CCA’s 2021 graduating fashion designers

CCA 2021届毕业的时装设计师们,祝贺你们!

Professor Lynda Grose, Chair, Fashion Design

Lynda Grose 时装设计系教授/时装设计部门主席