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Circle: Yuze Gui

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nov 18

Mon, Nov 18 2019, 12PM - Fri, Nov 22 2019 5PM View map
5212 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94618

Part of event series: Fall 2019 Senior Exhibitions


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Jewelry and Metal Arts program

Event description

The body of the teapot is like a circle, and the tea mouth is like a place for export and output. For me, the first teapot, made with copper, is like the state of my freshman year. It is a space-conscious work. The leaves in the teapot looked like I was irrigated by the teapot, feeling the place is knowledge and nutrition. It's like a state of curiosity about the community as a freshman. The second teapot, made of silver, was the state of my sophomore year, and the sense of space was reduced because I was limited by my studies and felt surrounded by many things.

Cover image: the first teapot, made with copper

Below: the second teapot, made of silver


Entry details

Oliver Art Center
Free and open to the public
Opening reception: Wed., Nov. 20, 5:30-7:30pm
Gallery hours: Mon.-Fri., 12:00-5:00pm; Closed Saturday & Sunday