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POSTPONED: Nod Young 中国当代设计: Contemporary Design in China

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mar 11

Wed, Mar 11 2020, 6PM - 7PM View map
1111 8th St., San Francisco, CA 94103

Part of event series: Design Lecture Series

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This event has been postponed due to CCA’s ongoing response to the evolving COVID–19 outbreak. Please check back at a later date for updates.

Nod Young 艺术家、设计师。曾就读于中央工艺美术学院,目前工作生活在北京与旧金山。他于2015年在北京创建了 A Black Cover Design 工作室,为客户提供品牌设计、视觉系统及艺术指导。在以往的项目中,他一直强调设计在表现上的特殊性、系统性和针对性,这为他们赢得了客户的认可,以及众多国际国内奖项。2019年,Nod 在旧金山设立办公室。

Nod Young, artist and designer, once studied at the Academy of Arts & Design and currently lives and works in Beijing and San Francisco. In 2015, he founded the studio A Black Cover Design in Beijing which provided customers with brand design, visual system and art guidance services. The previous work which has shown our design concept is systematic and targeted, it also makes us won the client’s recognition and numerous international and domestic awards.

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Free and Open to the Public

讲座为中文和英文双语,配以幻灯片展示。幻灯片中的某些内容将被朗读或描述。 某些幻灯片内容使用中文,而某些使用英语。 这项活动在轮椅可及的建筑物内举行。访客可能需要在学校入口登记并出示身份证件。 轮椅可抵达演讲室,且配有可移动座位,并且靠近性别专用的轮椅通行卫生间。 活动期间将不提供手语翻译。如有疑问请联系 Papatson Suphavai (

Access Information
The lecture will be delivered in Chinese and translated into English. The lecture uses a slide presentation. Some content from the slides will be read aloud or described. Some slide content will be in Chinese and some will be in English. This event is being held in a wheelchair accessible building. Visitors may be asked to show identification and sign in at the entrance to the building. The lecture room is wheelchair accessible, with moveable seating, and located near gender-specific wheelchair accessible bathrooms. ASL interpretation will not be offered at the event. Please email access questions to Papatson Suphavai (