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CCA Adobe Account Activation

Last updated on Dec 16, 2022

Before you begin

The following activation instructions are for Adobe Invitation email recipients:

  • Students: will receive their Adobe invitation email prior to semester start
  • Staff: will receive their Adobe invitation email during onboarding process, per hiring manager's request
  • Faculty: will receive their Adobe invitation email, per request to the Help Desk from hiring manager

If you have not received your Adobe Invitation email, please contact the Help Desk: or 415-703-9560

CCA Adobe Account Activation

1 Open the email from Adobe, received at your address

Click the 'Get Started' button

2 You will then be directed to CCA's single sign-on page

Enter your CCA username and password

3 At the Duo Authentication page

Choose an authentication method to complete your Adobe login

4 You now have access to CCA Adobe Creative Cloud subscription

CCA Adobe App Installation

1 When logged into your CCA Adobe Creative Cloud account

  • Click on the Grid, opening the Web Apps & Services page
  • Click on the Creative Cloud icon

2 Click on 'Apps' in the upper menu bar

3 You will then be presented with all apps 'Available in your plan'

5 Find the app(s) you need, click the 'Install' button

6 Click 'Allow' when asked to OPEN 'Creative Cloud Desktop App'

7 Please wait while the app installs

Please Note: Downloading apps over Wi-Fi can be very slow

8 All apps installed will be listed under 'Installed'