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Leave of Absence Guide

Last updated on Aug 23, 2022

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Students may be unable to complete the current semester or need to take a leave of absence for a variety of reasons, including those that may be personal or curricular.

NOTE: For important details, please thoroughly review the Leave of Absence and Withdrawal Policies in the CCA Student Handbook as well as the Add, Drop and Withdrawal Policy if requesting withdrawal from all registered courses.

In this guide...

Considering a Leave of Absence / Withdrawal

Leave of Absence (LOA)

Ideally, a request to take a leave of absence in a future term should be submitted before the end of the add/drop period at the beginning of the term in which you wish to start your leave. You may request to take up to two consecutive terms off without having to apply for reactivated student status. Additionally, students who take an LOA will not lose their priority registration time and will still have access to their CCA email accounts.

College Withdrawal

At anytime you may submit your intention to leave the College without intention of return.

Withdrawal from All Registered Courses

If you are unable to complete the current term, you may request to be withdrawn from all registered courses after the add/drop period has ended and before the withdrawal deadline in the tenth week. If applicable, this option should be selected as part of your request for a leave of absence or college withdrawal. Review the following resources in considering this option.

Gathering More Information

If you are considering a leave of absence or term withdrawal, we recommend that you consult with the following departments to gather more information in making your decision:

  • Advising & Planning for any potential impact to your academic plan or potential opportunities to complete requirements while on leave
  • International Student Affairs & Programs (ISAP), if applicable, for possible implications to your visa status
  • For any questions you have related to your student record, billing, financial aid, student immigration regulations and visa status, and housing and dining, email student services at or text at (415) 915-2503.

Requesting a Leave of Absence / Withdrawal


If you are an international student, you must meet with International Student Affairs & Programs (ISAP) to discuss your plans and have your Leave of Absence / Withdrawal Form signed prior to submitting it to Academic Program Advising & Planning for processing.

Make an appointment with an ISAP staff member.

After you have completed and signed the Leave of Absence / Withdrawal Form, please submit it to your program advisor for their signature and for processing. You will be cc'd on the email processing your leave/withdrawal as well your program chair so that you may stay connected until your return.

We strongly recommend reviewing Workday after receipt of confirmation from Student Records to ensure that you have been successfully dropped or withdrawn from courses.

NOTE: If you notice any discrepancies in your registration prior to the start of your leave, please contact Student Records.

Tips While on Leave

Continue academic progress

If you are interested in taking courses outside of CCA for potential transfer credit, review the Transfer Guide and Resources for important information on policies and processes related to taking courses at another institution. Be sure to complete and submit a Transfer Credit Approval Request via Workday to Student Records to request approval before registering for any courses.

Stay productive

  • Continue making and creating, even if it's something small
  • Continue learning and researching, investigating new techniques or materials
  • Record what you do for easy reference when you return

Stay inspired

  • Develop new perspective, looking to your environment and daily life for hidden potential
  • Find inspiration, researching artists and visiting local museums or galleries
  • Record what you see for easy reference when you return

Stay connected

  • Take advantage of resources, attending CCA lectures and exhibitions
  • Reach out to your faculty staff, who can help you plan for your return
  • Check your CCA email regularly for important information from the College
  • Review Stay Connected While Away

Return from leave