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Last updated on Nov 04, 2020

Fine Arts: Games Track in Animation



Explore the Art and Craft of Game Making within Animation

Beginning in 2019, Animation majors can supplement their Animation curriculum by electing to join the Games Track, a series of courses that teach the discipline of Game Arts, the fundamentals of Game Design, the process of Games Development, and the nuances of Game Animation. Animators on the Games Track will be able to produce collaborative and individual works of game art as their capstone projects.

An Animation Degree with an Emphasis in Games

On the Games Track students will complete required Animation major coursework and specialize in elective Games Track courses focused on design, art, and animation for games.

Your Path on the Games Track

In Spring 2020 we offered the Game Track’s first class, ANIMA 2700: Wkshp: Game Making and in Fall 2020 we offered the Game Track's second course, Game Design.

This Spring 2021 semester, we are offering Anima 2700: Wkp: Game Making as well as the third course in the series, ANIMA 4040: Games Development tutorial.

And now you can commit to the track and take further games courses, including special workshops, tutorials and Junior and Senior game projects.

Animators, Game Makers, and Interactive Storytellers

The Games Track prepares you to be an animator fluent in game art and game design. On the Games Track, student animators and visual artists will learn how to tell interactive stories through the visual medium of digital games.

For more information, checkout the Games Track Curriculum, and if you still have questions visit the F.A.Q. join the Games Track or email the Games Track Coordinator.