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Last updated on Jul 16, 2020

Fine Arts: Community Arts, BFA



Our program trains you to take your creative studio work out into the world to positively affect communities and foster social change.

Making Art in Collaboration

In the Community Arts Program, you’ll learn how to work with people, organizations and your classmates in making art in a variety of social and public contexts. Whether you’re designing an edible schoolyard garden, staging a public-art intervention, or teaching art at a local high school, you’ll collaborate with artists, organizations, and citizens to make art that has aesthetic and public impact as well as social relevance.

Combine Studio Skills with Social Engagement

Imagine honing your craft in the studio, debating activism strategies in the classroom, and then heading into the community to generate creative solutions that address real-world needs.

Our curriculum combines the art and design concentrations of your choice with critical theory in such areas as diversity, community engagement, and social justice. Interviewing people, creating pop-up shops, sharing meals, planting gardens, teaching, painting murals, and staging interventions are just a few of the forms Community Artists engage as they investigate and interact in social worlds.

Kickstart Your Creative Career

To further build your creative practice in the public sphere, you’ll have paid externships (experiential learning opportunities, similar to internships) with local nonprofits, arts organizations, and other CCA community partners. You will also go on annual spring trips to west coast cities to meet socially engaged artists and tour community-based public projects.

The combination of real-world experience, making skills, and global perspectives with critical thinking gives you an entre into the dynamic field of art and community engagement.