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Last updated on Nov 09, 2022

Fine Arts: Glass, BFA



Explore the practice of craft within a fine arts context to create visionary work.

Embrace Traditional and Contemporary Practices

Immerse yourself in the techniques, materials, history, and philosophy of glass. Our Glass Program honors contemporary and traditional practices alike. We position you alongside ambitious students and accomplished faculty, and steer you in the direction of our notable alumni.

Shape Your Unique Ideas

Learn how to transform your ideas through glasswork. Our multidisciplinary curriculum (rooted in drawing, but spanning everything from theoretical thinking to technical competency) allows you to cultivate your craft. Throughout your studies, you will engage in interdisciplinary approaches and have ongoing conversations about art and its relationship to today’s economy, both locally and abroad.

Craft Your Own Opportunities

Experience art beyond the campus as you connect with Bay Area artists, sculptors, and architects (many of whom are CCA alumni) who incorporate glass into their practice. Classroom critiques help build technical skills that enable you to put your ideas into practice and unleash your entrepreneurial spirit. You become equipped to make art that matters.