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Last updated on Feb 17, 2023

Fine Arts: Glass, BFA



Glass Major No Longer Offered at CCA

After several years of careful study of student interest in this major at CCA and nationally, we will no longer offer glass as a major in the Fine Arts Division. There are no students currently enrolled in the program. 

Glass is a treasured medium at CCA, and our commitment to it will continue through our expanded partnership with Public Glass, a local non-profit glass studio close to campus where CCA students will be able to participate in workshops and classes.

We also invite you to share your stories through CCA’s Oral History Project and CCA/C Archives programming. Memories and stories about the program can be recorded through the Oral History Voicemail by calling 510-594-3747 and photos can be shared through this form

The CCA Libraries have created a new special collection of preserved glass works, including goblets, sculptures and works demonstrating a range of processes. This special collection will be cataloged, documented and used in library exhibitions. Program documentation and ephemera have been preserved in the CCA/C Archives for research and exhibition opportunities.