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Holding Events in the Writing Studio


If you plan on having food for a large group, we ask that you make a janitorial request for the studio via VEMS which does come at a cost. You can add the janitorial request under "services" once you've booked the Studio. It's a good idea to email about this request so they’re on the same page.


Let the Program Manager know if you'll need to borrow our projector cart for your event. We have a cart in our storage closet (locked) and the PM can go over usage and storage.

Room Configuration:

The Writing Studio furniture and layout can be arranged in whatever way suits your event. We ask only that you re-set the space to our default configuration detailed in the studio re-set map (below).

Food & Alcohol:

We ask that no food or drink be left in our refrigerator. You are welcome to store food in our fridge ahead of time should you need to. If you plan to have alcohol please submit an Alcohol Request Form to Public Safety. Alcohol cannot be left in our refrigerator overnight. Please work with with the PM if you have any questions.

Access + Safety:

Access to the space will require assistance from Public Safety. Email and CC the PM to inform Public Safety that you'll need an officer to escort you to the space on the date of your event and open the studio for you. We ask that you keep the gate closed at all times (even as guests are arriving) and that you close both the studio door and gate behind you when you leave. The maximum capacity for the space is 49.

Writing Studio re-set map