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Academic Computing COVID-19 Resource Hub

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically amplified the critical role that technology plays in the student experience. We understand that our students require access to technology to engage in the online learning and community environments. Educational Technology Services (ETS) and Creative Instructional Technology (CIT) have mobilized to respond to our students’ emergency access needs to hardware and software.

CCA is grateful for all our partners for their support during these challenging times. In particular we would like to thank: Autodesk, Cinema 4D, HDR Lightmap, Rhino 3D, and TV Paint for their generosity. 

Software Licenses Available

We have secured off-campus access to most software needed for class projects. Many of our titles are already free or available to students (such as Adobe), and many vendors are offering discounted or free software to allow students to finish their courses.

Software license offers for students and faculty impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic can be found here: Free & Discounted Software.

If you don't see your needed software listed, or cannot access it, please let your faculty know.

If you need assistance installing software on your personal machine or a Media Center laptop, please contact the Help Desk to make an appointment with User Support for remote support.

Our Help Desk is Available

Our Help Desk and User Support Specialists are available to remotely help you install approved software needed for class. Please call or submit a ticket online to make an appointment with User Support.

Phone: +1 510-594-5010 (Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm)

Online: Submit Help Desk Ticket