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Creative Cloud for graduating students

Last updated on Aug 30, 2021

Graduating soon? This documents describes how to maintain access to your Adobe assets and apps after graduation

We recommend you begin migrating your Creative Cloud assets to a new personal Adobe account:

The new personal account is a Creative Cloud Free membership, which includes 2GB of storage. If your CCA account has more than 2GB of content, don't worry, all of your content will be migrated. However, you cannot add more content to the new personal account until storage space is freed up. The migration process is limited to new accounts only, Adobe can not transfer assets to existing accounts. Learn more about Creative Cloud Free Memberships here.

Access to CCA Adobe Creative Cloud accounts will continue for one full semester after graduation. We encourage you to migrate your Adobe assets promptly, so you do not lose access to your assets.

  • Migration does not include Lightroom assets. We recommend you first download (or sync) all Lightroom assets onto your personal device prior to beginning the Adobe Student Asset Migration process.

Graduating students that don’t have Adobe assets to move, can now visit to receive a special offer.