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Cloud Lab - FAQ

What is the Cloud Lab?

The Cloud Lab is a set of networked computers that are located only in the "cloud" that students and faculty can access from their own devices. Cloud Lab computers have the same software and configuration as CCA labs

What are some use case scenarios and benefits of using the Cloud Lab?

The Cloud Lab gives students and faculty the ability to:

  • render large files remotely
  • access specialized course software
  • access computers more powerful than personal laptops
  • free up personal laptop for other curriculum usage

Do I have to be off campus to access the Cloud Lab?

With a stable internet connection on or off campus you’ll be able to connect to Cloud Lab computers via Splashtop software.

What are the steps to get started using the Cloud Lab?

Please refer to the Cloud Lab Access via Splashtop Portal page that describes in detail the steps to get started. Generally, the workflow will look like this:

  1. Load and install one of the following Splashtop Business applications (MacOS or Windows 10)
  2. Launch the Splashtop Business applications, logging in with your CCA credentials
  3. ​​The first time the Splashtop Business app is launched there will be an authentication link sent to your CCA email that will allow you to authenticate and connect your device
  4. A confirmation page will load and you can select from a list of Mac and Windows computers available to access remotely