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Student Tips

Whether your discipline is fine arts, design, architecture, or the humanities, embracing networking events like the Career Expo is a critical step toward establishing your career.

What to Expect: Students and alumni do not need to pre-register for the Expo. Check-in tables will be in the Nave. Pick up a free tote bag and complete our Expo survey!

  • Connect with creative directors & recruiters, designers, museums, and arts organizations to spark future opportunities.
  • Show your portfolio and résumé.
  • Share your vision.
  • Practice professional preparedness techniques.
  • Learn more about creative industries and make new contacts.

How to Prepare

  • Review the recruiter page and research all potential employer websites.
  • Discuss presentation, contents, and order of the work in your portfolio with your faculty members.
  • Wear a professional outfit.
  • Have business cards. (We recommend MOO and Vistaprint, but also consider Green Copy across the street from the Oakland campus.)

Attending CCA's Career Expo

  • Approach as many companies as possible -- many are interested in students from across multiple disciplines.
  • Introduce yourself (prepare an introduction), and then be prepared to ask questions.
  • Pick up business cards and literature. Provide company representatives with your résumé or business card as appropriate.
  • Inquire what's the best way to keep in touch after the Expo with representatives from companies that interest you.

Questions? Contact the Career Development Office.