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How To Become A Coach

  • Visit your CCA Workday account. (If you don't have one, make sure to sign up and set up your direct deposit payment option.)
  • Type "find a student jobs" in the top-most search bar and click the link.
  • Search under "Student Jobs" for "Academic Coach" specifically.
  • Once on the application page, click the "apply" button the right.
  • From here, fill out the application, and attach your resume.
  • Have a cover letter prepared to turn in as well. (An appointment can be set up with Josh Smothers at the Career Development Office to help create professional resumes and cover letters for this position.)
  • Ask a CCA faculty member to email the LRC ( with a recommendation on your behalf explaining why you'd be a great coach.

Once interviewed and hired, you will create a booking site for yourself. The link to the tutorial is on the sidebar as follows.

What Coaching Entails

Learning Resources hires CCA students as academic coaches to enrich our campus learning community by helping their undergraduate and graduate peers with coursework and digital tools.

Most coaching is done by appointment only, based on your weekly availability. This is a fun, flexible job that will empower you to build your own skills, get inspired by classmates from all different majors and walks of life, and expand your artistic perspective through working alongside a diverse community of artists & thinkers.

If you have questions about coaching, email Director Brooke Hessler at