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Fall 2021 Policy Changes and Updates

Last updated on Aug 03, 2021

Updated Policies

Normal grading resumes for all courses in fall 2021

From spring 2020 through summer 2021, CCA implemented Pass/No Credit grading on a temporary basis for some courses. Beginning in fall 2021, normal grading policies will resume. Only courses that are regularly offered on a Pass/No Credit basis (such as internship courses, courses offered by Pass/No Credit graduate programs, etc.) will utilize the Pass/No Credit grading modality.

Undergraduate grading policies

Graduate grading policies


A notice from the Provost about night-time classes

The Provost’s Office has issued a notice that all students, international and domestic, should avoid enrolling in courses that meet at night (1am-5am in their time zones).  Those with courses that meet at night are urged to contact their program advisor (if they are undergraduate students) or program manager (if they are graduate students) as soon as possible to discuss course options that meet outside of night-time hours and that will also fulfill degree requirements.

A reminder about hybrid vs online courses

Students are expected to begin the transition back to an on-campus learning environment with hybrid classes in fall 2021. With that said, we realize that some students may need to adjust their plans based on their ability to arrive at CCA on time or for personal/medical reasons. International students are required to notify ISAP ( if their plans for hybrid vs. online courses may need to change due to complications securing a visa or arriving in the Bay Area before the start of classes (and/or their assigned housing move-in date).

A message about fall course scheduling

CCA is planning for an in-person fall semester with first- and second-year undergraduate students expected to live on campus, and many classes scheduled on campus.

There will continue to be classes offered completely online.

Students who have concerns about not being able to return to CCA in the fall should carefully review their fall course schedule options to see if there are online classes they can take and still follow their academic plan to meet their degree requirements.

Most first-year undergraduate courses will be available in online formats, so first-year undergraduates will find it easier than others to construct a fully-online schedule.

For some students, a full load of online courses may be possible, but for many, an online fall 2021 may require significant changes to academic plans and graduation timelines. Such changes might include:

  • Taking summer 2021 classes to stay on track through fall 2021
  • Taking mostly H&S classes for fall 2021, which could lead to taking mostly studio (and major) classes in future semesters
  • Taking summer classes in the future (once students are able to return to campus)
  • Taking fewer units than usual in fall 2021
  • Taking additional time at CCA in order to follow the degree plan.

Students who require only online courses in order to continue at CCA can explore options with their program chair/associate chair/assistant chair and academic advisor/graduate program manager.

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Versions of Hybrid Courses

Looking for information on fall 2021 hybrid courses and how they might differ from spring 2021 hybrid courses, including how much time is spent in studio, when in-person components start and how easy it is to create a hybrid vs online schedule? Click here.

New subject codes and abbreviations as of fall 2021

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Search instead:

Diversity Studies Seminar (DIVSM)

Critical Ethnic Studies Seminar (ETHSM)

Diversity Studies Studio (DIVST)

Critical Ethnic Studies Studio (ETHST)

Visual Studies (VISST)

History of Art and Visual Culture (HAAVC)

Fall 2021 course section meeting times (meeting patterns)

Fall 2021 courses will identify required synchronous meeting times in the “Meeting Patterns” field in the “View Course Section” screen in Workday.

  • Hybrid course sections will be delivered both online and in-person. The "Meeting Patterns" field will reflect required synchronous, in-person meeting times. Additional class time will be online and mostly asynchronous.
  • Online courses have no in-person requirement. The "Meeting Patterns" field will reflect required, synchronous, online meeting times.  Additional class time will be online and asynchronous.