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Last updated on Aug 23, 2022

Update primary home address and emergency contacts

Update Primary Home Address

Wherever and whenever you are, CCA faculty and staff want to support you.

We realize that most students will live in the Bay Area (and likely in on-campus housing) for fall, some will study online from a home address, and yet others will study from a location that is neither in the Bay Area nor back home. So that we can assess your location-based learning needs, mail critical documents, and know whom to contact in case of an emergency, please update your Primary Home Address as well as the Friends and Family tab in your Workday profile. This information is especially critical for international students but is important for everyone.

For information on updating Primary Home Address in Workday Student (, view the Managing Contact Information Step by Step Guide.

Indicate your emergency contacts for fall 2021 semester

Students can follow the Managing Contact Information Step by Step Guide and update Workday Student to indicate their preferences for whom CCA should contact in case of an emergency. They are encouraged to identify two or more emergency contacts within Workday's Contact: Friends and Family tab, ideally including at least one family member and one person near their Primary Home Address , the location where they will live for fall 2021 semester.

Access program-specific technology

The Academic Computing team has secured off-campus access to most software needed for class projects. Many titles are already free or available to students (such as Adobe), and many vendors are offering discounted or free software. Because of the limited software licenses that are available and special CCA student-only access codes that are provided, only CCA students, faculty, and staff who are logged into Portal can access the Creative Software Portal site.

Students can contact if they need assistance installing or accessing software.

Set up CCA email and primary home email

Forward CCA email if needed

Email is an official means of communication, and students are expected to check their CCA email regularly. If you are or will be in a region where Gmail is unavailable during fall 2021 semester, please use these instructions to forward your CCA email to a personal/home email account. Unless you can access your CCA email or have forwarded your CCA email, you will not be able to use Moodle effectively. If you have left the US and cannot access your CCA account, contact for assistance.

Students who are contacting CCA offices, staff, and faculty through a personal/home email account should use the Primary Home Email in Workday (see below). They are encouraged to include their full name and CCA email address in their email signature in all messages and to cc: their CCA email on questions related to privacy-protected matters such as registration, advising, billing, etc. Including student ID number in the body of messages related to privacy-protected questions is helpful, but including it in the automatic signature is not recommended to ensure against exposing sensitive information.

Update "Primary Home Email" in Workday

CCA will include your CCA email and home email address on some essential messages for fall 2021; home email will appear on course rosters for faculty use. Please review your Primary Home Email address in your Workday Student profile and update it if needed.

Updating Primary Home Email in Workday Student:

  • Go to and log in using your CCA login.
  • Click on your photo in the upper right corner of your screen to view your profile submenu.
    • Click View Profile.
  • Click your name beneath the Student heading.
  • Click the Contact tab on your profile‚Äôs teal sidebar.
  • Click the Edit button.
    • Select Change My Home Contact Information to proceed.
  • Review the email address currently listed as the Primary Home Email address. If this is the non-CCA email address you want faculty and staff to use in addition to your CCA email during fall 2021 semester, you do not need to do anything further.
  • If you want to update the current Primary Home Email address, click the pencil icon to edit.
  • Click the checkmark icon to save changes.
  • Click Submit

Share Portal Profile timezone

The Portal Profile allows students to share information about their local timezone and home email with faculty, staff, and classmates. This information will be very helpful for faculty with instructional delivery, coaches and TAs with instructional support, staff with communication/appointments, and fellow students with collaboration. Students are urged to make this information available to CCA Community view (visible to faculty, staff, and students who are logged in to Portal) unless there are specific safety/privacy-related reasons to hide it. Updated instructions are available in My Portal Profile: Privacy Settings for Students. To make timezone information visible to others, students must click Show after adding it. To view other people's timezone information, students must be logged in to the Portal.

A video demonstrating how to update timezone information is available on VoiceThread and YouTube.

Log in to Zoom

Try Single Sign-on

When accessing Zoom for CCA classes or meetings, be sure to use single sign-on log-in.

Contact Help Desk to troubleshoot

If you still cannot log in, contact for assistance. Technology Services staff are currently exploring alternatives for students who cannot access Zoom for appointments with academic advisors, career development staff, and ISAP advisors, among others.

Find and connect with your classes

Here's how to find and connect with your fall 2021 online classes:

Check Moodle

Most courses will be delivered through Moodle; log in to to see which courses have gone live. Most instructors will publish their sites by the first day of class. For an introduction to Moodle, see the brief video on the Moodle-Students Portal page.

Review Syllabi/Course Section Pages

Find your syllabi on Course Section Pages of the Portal. Your instructors may have included information about Moodle, any plans to meet through Zoom, etc. on the syllabus. The easiest way to find your Course Section Pages is from your Home Dashboard in Portal. When logged in to the Portal, you'll see a My Classes widget in the right-hand sidebar which lists sections for which you are registered. Don't worry if you don't immediately see all your sections; click on the link to see a complete list, and then click on each section title to see its Course Section Page.

If you still do not see all your sections, double-check your course registration in Workday. Note that there can be a five-minute delay between when you register for a course and when you can access its Course Section Page. After checking Workday, contact if you still cannot access your Course Section Pages.

Email your instructor

Check your CCA email (or the account to which you have forwarded your CCA email) to see if you have heard from your instructor. Many instructors have already sent welcome messages to their students. If not, take the initiative and reach out to your instructor to introduce yourself. If your instructor's email is not on the Course Section Page, you can find it in the Portal Directory. If you don't see your class Moodle yet, you can ask when it will go live or if another means of instruction will be utilized for your course.

Ask for assistance

Overwhelmed by this information and in need of help getting ready for your first day of classes? Contact Student Affairs by leaving a message at 510.594.3678 or request a general inquiry Zoom appointment by emailing

Have a great first day of class!