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Online Learning Tips

Last updated on Sep 18, 2020



Plan ahead. Time management is crucial to successful online learning. You can create a checklist of all that you have to do, prioritize those tasks, and set reminders on your devices." - CCA Staff

"Pretend you're physically going to class, that means dress the part, go to your dedicated making space, block out time and get into the creative flow!" - CCA Staff

"Identify times for studying and breaks. Make each day consistent, but also different to avoid boredom. Don’t forget to include fun activities in your day! “ - CCA Staff

"Set realistic goals and avoid procrastination. Break down tasks down into manageable chunks and minimize distractions." - CCA Staff



"Separate schoolwork from your home life by designing a comfortable learning environment. Set any ambient conditions you can adjust, and make space for learning." - CCA Staff

"Your creative practice may look different these days. Whether you need to take over a corner of your place or convert a closet into an art space, it is important to continue doing things that bring you joy!" - CCA Staff

"It's all about your mindset! You are at the forefront of the new normal, embrace it! You'll be ahead of the game if you take full advantage of this opportunity."- CCA Staff



"Be as present as you can. Turn on your camera, engage with Moodle content, submit assignments on time, and/or connect with instructors individually," - CCA Staff

"Get to know your faculty and peers in your classes! Follow them on Instagram, chat with them on Zoom or attend the many CCA online events." - CCA Staff

"Be open to feedback. Diversity of opinions and knowledge can enrich your learning." - CCA Staff

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"Don’t wait until the end of the course to seek answers that have lingered since the beginning. Faculty members are eager for you to succeed." - CCA Staff

"Academic Advisors are with you throughout your college experience. Schedule regular appointments with advising each semester." - CCA Staff

"Academic Coaches are students just like you! The Learning Resources Center will help you communicate your knowledge and creative vision." - CCA Staff