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Pass/No Credit FAQs and Final Reminders

When is the deadline to request Pass/No Credit grading for any or all courses for spring 2020 semester?

The deadline to request Pass/No Credit grading via Workday is 11:59 pm Pacific Time on Friday, May 8.

What if I have problems submitting my request via Workday?

If you have unsuccessfully tried to submit your request via Workday, please email by the deadline above. Be sure to email from your CCA email (copy your CCA email account if you are unable to access Gmail directly and are forwarding your CCA email to a personal account). Include your full name, ID number, the course numbers and titles you wish to convert to Pass/No Credit grading, and a screenshot of the Workday error message. If you are enrolled in multiple sections with the same course number, be sure to specify the section number(s) you wish to convert to Pass/No Credit grading. Again, this step should only be taken if you have already tried to submit your request via Workday, but the request could not be processed.

How will I know if my request has been approved?

Student Records will respond via email once they have received your request via Workday. Check your email and confirm that all courses are correctly listed in accordance with your request. Contact if you do not receive email confirmation or if you have any questions about your request.

I am submitting my final project on Friday and won’t know my final grade on May 8. Can I request Pass/No Credit once I learn what my grade is?

The deadline of May 8 allows students as much time as possible to make a decision; it is not intended to guarantee that a student can make a decision based upon their final grade.

Students should consult with their faculty members for their standing in a class to date and make a decision based upon what they anticipate their final grade to be. Information about how Pass/No Credit grading impacts Academic Standing and a checklist to help students to decide are available on the Portal. If you cannot access the checklist because it is a Google doc, contact

Why does my professor not know that I have requested Pass/No Credit for their class? Why is my grade showing up as a letter grade in my class’s Moodle gradebook if I requested Pass/No Credit grading?

All CCA faculty will submit grades as normal, including letter grades for all letter-graded classes. The Student Records office will convert letter grades to Pass or No Credit for students who have submitted requests for conversion by the May 8 deadline.

Why can’t I see my grades as soon as my professors have submitted them?

Requests for Pass/No Credit grading are being accepted through May 8, and faculty have until May 15 to submit grades. The conversion of letter grades to Pass/No Credit grading is done manually and will take at least three business days to complete. Grades will not be visible in Workday to students during the processing period.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, final grades will be available via Workday to students beginning on Thursday, May 21.