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Spring 2021 Policy Changes and Updates

Last updated on Jan 26, 2023

Updated policies

UPDATE: Pass/No Credit to continue for all courses 1000-level and below in spring 2021

In an extension of the grading provision for fall 2020, all courses 1000-level and below will continue to be graded on a Pass/No Credit basis for spring 2021. This policy update impacts first-year courses as well as 1000-level courses dispersed throughout the major programs. All other courses will adhere to their usual grading modality and the College's existing grading policies.

No request to convert to Pass/No Credit grading is needed. Letter-grading will not be an option; all students enrolled in these courses will be graded on a Pass/No Credit basis regardless of class level.

Grading standards for fall 2020 and spring 2021 Pass/No Credit are different than for spring 2020 Pass/No Credit. For fall 2020 and spring 2021,

  • a letter grade of A+ through C equates to a Pass
  • a letter grade of C- through F equates to a No Credit

A grade of P receives the course’s designated units of credit (e.g. 3 units). A grade of NC results in 0 units of course credit. P/NC grades are not factored into the GPA. A student taking all P/NC coursework will have a 0.0 GPA following the spring term.

For courses that are cross-listed across multiple levels (e.g., WRLIT-1100-2: First Year Writer's Workshop & LITPA-2000-23: First Year Writer's Workshop) only the 1000-level course (or below) will be graded on a Pass/No Credit basis. In Workday, cross-listed courses are referred to as "co-located." Students will have an opportunity to switch co-located sections during Open Registration or Add/Drop if they would prefer the 1000-level, Pass/No Credit version; they may wish to remain in the 2000-level, letter-graded version if they need to fulfill a specific requirement.

As in fall 2020 semester, existing policies for assigning incomplete grades will remain in place.

This update to grading basis is for fall 2020 and spring 2021 semesters only.

Whom to contact:

  • Students with questions about grading policies or grading basis can contact the Student Records office.
  • Undergraduates with questions about 1000-level vs 2000-level requirements can contact their academic advisor.

Pass/No Credit courses for spring 2021 include:

First Year Core Studio

  • FYCST-1000: Drawing 1
  • FYCST-1040: 2D
  • FYCST-1080: 3D
  • FYCST-1120: 4D

Critical Studies

  • CRTSD-1500: Foundations in Critical Studies

Visual Studies

  • VISST-1040: Introduction to the Arts
  • VISST-1080: Introduction to Modern Arts

Writing + Literature

  • WRLIT-0960: English for Multilingual Artists & Designers
  • WRLIT-0980: Critique for Multilingual Artists and Designers
  • WRLIT-1010: Writing 1 [Multilingual Learner]
  • WRLIT-1030: Writing 1


  • All 1000-level courses dispersed throughout the major programs

Temporary policy change for spring 2021 commencement

Commencement is a celebration of the accomplishments of students who have or will graduate during a given academic year. Graduation refers to the completion of the degree. Please note that participating in commencement does not guarantee that students have graduated. They have graduated only if they have satisfactorily completed all requirements for the degree, including any required internships, whether they have participated in commencement or not.

Normally, students who have graduated at the end of the fall term, or who are intending to complete all degree requirements in the spring term, are automatically eligible to participate in the commencement celebration. A special exception can be made allowing students who are within 6 units of graduation to attend commencement early, if they have a demonstrated plan to complete their final units in the upcoming summer or fall term.

For the 2020-21 academic year only, CCA has revised the eligibility policy for students to participate in the May 2021 commencement experience. The following are eligible to participate:

  • Summer 2020 degree awardees: students who completed all degree requirements in summer 2020.
  • Fall 2020 degree awardees: students who will have completed all degree requirements in fall 2020.
  • Spring 2021 degree candidates: students who are on track to complete all remaining degree requirements in spring 2021.
  • Summer 2021 degree candidates: students who are on track to complete all remaining degree requirements in summer 2021. Such students are eligible to participate regardless of how many units they have remaining for summer 2021.

Please contact the Student Records office at with any questions regarding anticipated graduation date and commencement eligibility.


Now in Workday: Grade forgiveness request process

As of Fall 2020, CCA had a new Grade Forgiveness Policy for undergraduates. To accompany this new policy, the information on the C Grade Requirement within Undergraduate Degree Requirements was updated.

Undergraduate students are now able to request that only the higher grade for a repeated course be factored into their cumulative grade point average, so long as the previous attempt resulted in a grade below a C.

Please follow the instructions to create a Grade Forgiveness request in Workday:

  1. Go to, and log in using your CCA account credentials.
  2. Enter "Create Request" in Workday's search bar, and click the task that pops up.
  3. Select "Grade Forgiveness Request - Undergraduate" from the Request Type using the dropdown menu or by entering the request name.
  4. After selecting the Request Type, click "OK" to proceed.

Questions? Please contact

Registration and billing updates

Open Registration ran November 18 through November 25. Please check your spring 2021 schedule to confirm that you are enrolled for the course sections and units that you anticipated and contact Student Records with any registration-related questions. The add/drop period, when students are again able to adjust their schedules online, begins on January 19, 2021.

Students who are unable to register for spring 2021 in a full-time load of courses that fulfill degree requirements and who have concerns regarding the impact of their financial aid awards are urged to book an appointment with the Financial Aid office. For more information, please contact Financial Aid and/or Student Accounts.

Announcements from Student Accounts:

  • Spring 2021 billing statements are now available in Touchnet!
    For further information regarding, please visit the Billing Information section of the Student Handbook.
  • The first spring 2021 payment deadline is now extended to December 15, 2020
  • Enroll now! CCA offers interest-free installment plans for the spring 2021 term at NO ADDITIONAL COST through December 15
    After December 15, the standard $25 Payment Plan enrollment fee will apply.
  • Late payment fee
    Students who pay after December 15, 2020 will be charged a $150 first payment late fee.
  • Refund policies
    Tuition is refundable through the last day of the Add/Drop period, February 5, 2021. There are no refunds after that date. Please refer to the refund policy for more information.

Workday Waitlists enabled for some undergraduate H&S courses for spring 2021

During Open Registration, students had the option of placing themselves on a waitlist for certain closed H&S course sections for Spring 2021. Waitlisting is first-come, first-served. Those on a waitlist should continue to monitor their email as enrollment changes may occasionally lead to space availability even during the period between Open Registration, which ended November 25, and Add/Drop, which begins January 19.

If a space become available, the next student on the list will be contacted and given instructions on how Student Records can assist them with an administrative change to add the waitlisted section. Students are usually expected to respond within 24 hours. Registration off the waitlist is not automatic!

Please contact the Student Records Office at with any questions about waitlists.

Important announcement: spring 2021 semester will be mostly online

Students were alerted on October 12, 2021 that for safety reasons, the campus was preparing for a spring 2021 semester of mostly online instruction. Conditions and regulations permitting, CCA will gradually be opening up the campus for more student use, giving students access to shops and studios as much as is safe and manageable with strict health protocols in place.

Please note that classes will begin one week later than usual on January 25, and for reasons of health and safety, there will be no spring break period. The semester will end as planned.