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Summer 2021 Online Learning FAQ

Last updated on Mar 19, 2021


How do I find out which courses are being offered during summer 2021 at CCA?

While you can find some information by Viewing Summer Courses on the Portal, the best place to look is in Workday in the "Summer 2021 Course Schedule" on the Academic Dashboard.

Are all classes online?

There will likely be one undergraduate hybrid class. All other summer 2021 classes will be offered exclusively online. Unlike last year, summer 2021 courses will have required synchronous online meeting times that are identified in the “Meeting Patterns” field in the “View Course Section” screen. You cannot register for classes with overlapping synchronous meeting times.

Will classes meet on Zoom?

Online course sections will be delivered with both asynchronous (students work on their own during their preferred time of day/night) and synchronous (students meet with instructors and/or classmates at designated times) components that are described on the “View Course Section” screen in Workday and outlined in full in the course syllabus. As mentioned above, all online courses will have required synchronous meeting times, generally held via Zoom. Non-synchronous instruction and interaction will occur via Moodle, VoiceThread, and other platforms.

Is it too late to sign up for a summer course at CCA?

No, it isn’t!

The summer 2021 online open registration period opens on Monday, March 22, 2021 at 8:00 am (Pacific Time) and ends on Thursday, May 6, 2021 at 11:59 pm (Pacific Time). Students can register online for summer courses via Workday by following the registration instructions on the Register for Courses Step by Step Guide.

Please note that Friday, May 7 is the payment deadline for summer 2021 courses. Students are subject to being dropped from their summer 2021 courses if payment has not been made by the deadline. Students should pay tuition via TouchNet or contact Student Accounts ( or 510.594.5086).

After the online open registration period ends on May 6, students can adjust their registration (add, unregister, withdraw) by contacting the Student Records Office at Please email your full name, ID number, and the course section numbers and titles for which you want to register, unregister, or withdraw; be sure to use your CCA email (or copy your CCA email if you are forwarding your CCA email to a personal account). You can add classes so long as you have paid tuition and courses are still available for enrollment. If you want to add classes after the course section's start date, you must obtain approval from your instructor by email and forward the approval email to the Student Records Office at

Please refer to Summer 2021 deadlines document for information about specific classes as well as the Summer Session Refund Policy page.

Important dates

Does “asynchronous” mean that I can join a summer 2021 class at any time and complete work whenever I want?

Each class will have a start date and end date, regular synchronous online meeting times, and regular deadlines for assignments and critique participation. Some assignments, quizzes, etc. may be available on Moodle for limited amounts of time to ensure that students are making timely progress. Aside from that, there is more freedom for students to work at their own pace with an asynchronous course than with a synchronous course. With that said, it is important to maintain ongoing communication with your instructor via Moodle and/or email to ensure that you stay on track. Time management will be critical.

According to the Portal, summer session runs June 1 to August 13. Will all classes run during that entire time?

Many classes will run during the entire June 1, 2021—Friday, August 13 period, but start dates, end dates, and course duration will vary, with some sections starting in mid-May and others in mid-June.

How do I find out when classes are starting or ending?

First, click on a course in the "Summer 2021 Course Schedule" on the Academic Dashboard in Workday to access course details. Check the “Start/End Date” field to determine when the course begins and ends. If information is unavailable/unclear, please contact the instructor for information about course start and end dates. Should the instructor not be available, contact the chair of the program that is offering the course.

Start dates for different sections can vary, so please review the “Start/End Date” for each and every class in which you are enrolled.

With limited synchronous meeting times, how much time should I actually expect to spend on an online course?

Most courses at CCA meet for 15 weeks, and nine hours of combined class time + homework per course per week--a total of 135 hours of work for each class per term for the average student--is standard. An online summer course is of shorter duration, but the total number of hours expected of students is similar. Of course, students enter courses with different levels of preparation and different strengths, and each student works at their own pace, and so the amount of time that a student may need to spend on a particular online course may vary.

What is the deadline to add or unregister (drop, withdraw) for a summer 2021 course at CCA?

During fall and spring semesters, eligibility to drop a course without transcript notation is linked to eligibility for a tuition refund. During the summer session, transcript notation and refund eligibility are unlinked. Before a summer class begins, it is possible to unregister with no transcript notation (similar to a drop) and receive 100% tuition refund. As soon as a summer course begins, students' refund eligibility begins to decrease, though they remain eligible to unregister with no transcript notation for a few more days.

  • Students typically should register for a summer course by its Start Date. For information on registration after the Start Date, see "Is it too late to sign up for a summer course at CCA?" above.
  • The deadline to unregister with no notation on the transcript and receive a full refund is on the last business day before the course's Start Date.
  • The last day to unregister with no notation on the transcript is the third day of any course (two days after the course's Start date).
  • The last day to withdraw (with a notation on transcript) and receive a partial tuition refund is the eighth day of the course.
  • The last day to withdraw (with a notation on transcript) is the two-thirds point of the course.

Students are able to make online changes to summer schedules on their own via Workday from Monday, March 22 through Thursday, May 6, 2021. Thereafter, all registration changes must be made via the Student Records office.

Please refer to Summer 2021 deadlines document for information about specific classes as well as the Summer Session Refund Policy page.

I’m registered. When will I be able to see my course information in Moodle?

For instructors/sections that are using Moodle, students will gain access by the first day of instruction for their course. Please note that not all instructors/sections use Moodle, and only enrolled students can access a course’s Moodle site.

Where can I find additional information about summer online learning?

If you are a new student or are returning from Leave of Absence, it may help to review the Getting Started Portal page. All degree-seeking students should check the Summer 2021 Policy Changes and Updates page in Online Learning: A Student’s Guide.


What if I’m not sure which summer 2021 course I can/should take?

Current undergraduate CCA students should contact their academic advisor. Graduate students can contact their program manager or chair. Non-CCA students can contact Student Records.

How do I learn about course content before I register? After I register?

Before you register, please review course information by clicking on the relevant section in the "Summer 2021 Course Schedule" on the Academic Dashboard in Workday or the Summer 2021 Course Schedule on Portal.

Once you’ve registered, you can find your syllabi on Course Section Pages of the Portal. Your instructors may have included information about Moodle, plans to meet through Zoom, etc. on the syllabus. The easiest way to find your Course Section Pages is from your Home Dashboard in Portal. When logged in to the Portal, you'll see a My Classes widget in the right-hand sidebar which lists sections for which you are registered. Don't worry if you don't immediately see all your sections; click on the link to see a complete list, and then click on each section title to see its Course Section Page.

If you still do not see all your sections, double-check your course registration in Workday. Note that there can be a five-minute delay between when you register for a course and when you can access its Course Section Page. After checking Workday, contact if you still cannot access your Course Section Pages.

Whom do I contact if I have difficulty registering or unregistering online via Workday?

Please check to see if you have any holds that are limiting your ability to make registration changes online. If not, and you still cannot register, you can seek assistance from the Student Records Office by contacting or by calling 510.594.3651.

Can I use Financial Aid for summer courses? What do I do if I have questions about payment?

Students can learn about summer financial aid via the Portal; those with specific questions should contact Financial Aid at or schedule an appointment with a Financial Aid staff member. Students with questions about tuition payment can contact Student Accounts at

What should I do if I have difficulty with Moodle? If I don’t know how to use Moodle or upload documents, how can I learn?

Please refer first to the Student Software and the Moodle for Students help documentation. If you need additional assistance, please contact

How do I get help if I have difficulty with timed assignments or other elements of my online course?

Students who have a documented permanent or temporary disability or chronic medical condition that is impacting their ability to complete timed assignments or online learning are encouraged to request academic accommodations in advance via CCA’s Access/Disability Services. You may email to schedule an intake appointment and meeting. Access/Disability Services has also published a document on Strategies for Remote Learning.

Is Learning Resource Center coaching/tutoring available over the summer?

Yes, students can schedule appointments with Academic Strategy + Writing Coaches for assistance with summer 2021 courses. Coaching will primarily occur via Zoom, but coaches will be available at different times throughout the day and throughout the week. The Learning Resources Portal site is rich with information on being a successful online student.

What resources are available for Mental Health and Wellness?

Counseling Services will be available (and free!) approximately June 7 through July 30, 2020 for students enrolled in summer courses (these dates will be confirmed by April). Services will be provided over CCA’s Tele-Mental-Health Platform. Please visit the Counseling Portal page for information on how to sign up for services as well as additional Mental Health resources.

At this time, services are limited to students residing in the state of California. However, phone consultations are available for all students seeking Mental Health Services. Phone consultations are brief in nature and are offered as a check-in with a counselor for additional support and to discuss resources in the student’s area. Interested students can call 510.594.3670 and leave a message requesting a phone consultation; someone will return the call within 48 hours.