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Summer 2021 Policy Changes and Updates

Last updated on Mar 05, 2021

Updated policies

Pass/No Credit to continue for all courses 1000-level and below in summer 2021

All courses 1000-level and below will continue to be graded on a Pass/No Credit basis for summer 2021. This temporary policy update impacts first-year courses as well as 1000-level courses dispersed throughout the major programs. All other courses will adhere to their usual grading modality and the College's existing grading policies.

No request to convert to Pass/No Credit grading is needed. Letter-grading will not be an option; all students enrolled in these courses will be graded on a Pass/No Credit basis regardless of class level. For more information, see 2020-21 Pass/No Credit Policy.

Summer courses, grade forgiveness, etc.

Summer session is a great time to catch up on first year courses and other prerequisites, get ahead in your curriculum, or fulfill requirements to lighten the load during the fall and spring terms. It is also a terrific time to retake courses for which a previous attempt did not result in the required minimum grade, which in some cases is a C or better.

When retaking a course for which a previous attempt resulted in a disappointing grade, undergraduate students are able to request that only the higher grade for the repeated course be factored into their cumulative grade point average. A grade of Pass in a 2020-21 Pass/No Credit course can replace a letter grade below a C in a previous attempt. For more information, see the 2020-21 Pass/No Credit Policy and the Grade Forgiveness Policy. Please note that Grade Forgiveness is an option for undergraduates only.