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Backlot: Cement and Plaster Studio

Studio for working with wet casting materials

Cement and Plaster Casting Studio is CLOSED for Summer 2019. Please contact with questions.

Main Building
SF Campus

Open to any person with valid CCA ID or guest sticker during general hours.
During extended studio hours, CCA students, staff, and faculty with current ID can access the backlot through the door in the corridor between the Nave and Media Services, either by ringing the bell for the backlot monitor or by applying for ID card authorization to

About the Backlot: Cement and Plaster Studio

The Cement and Plaster Studio is a designated work area for working with wet casting materials. Students may keep any clearly-labelled project materials inside container A on designated shelves, and a number of work tables and mixing equipment are available for student use. Water can be reclaimed from these processes and used to water the Backlot garden. Personal protective gear and power tools are available from the Backlot tool checkout service.

Specializing in These Materials

  • Concrete
  • Plaster

Tools and Equipment

  • Power mixer, 4CF barrel mixer