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Backlot: Material Reuse Center

Take, leave and reuse all sorts of materials and items

General Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9a-5p

Studio Access Hours (pending student worker availability):
Monday: 9 am -9 pm
Tuesday: 9 am -9 pm
Wednesday: 9 am -9 pm
Thursday: 9 am -9 pm
Saturday: 12 noon - 5pm
Sunday: 12 noon - 5pm

Outside of General Hours, the student monitor will open Materials Reuse upon request for those looking to pick up or drop off.

Main Building
SF Campus

Open on demand to any person with valid CCA ID or guest sticker during general hours.
During extended studio hours, CCA students, staff, and faculty with current ID can access the backlot through the door in the corridor between the Nave and Media Services, either by ringing the bell for the backlot monitor or by applying for ID card authorization to

About the Backlot: Material Reuse Center

At the Materials Reuse Center, you can leave, take, and reuse all sorts of materials and items -- anything that's safe and is reusable. Reduce waste, bring unwanted and unused materials to the center, take what you need and drop off what you don’t! Materials and items in the MRC are available to all in the CCA community. Be safe: don’t leave glass, batteries, items with nails, screws, or staples sticking out, or unmarked/unknown liquids or paints. Be considerate: put items you don't want to take back on the shelves or in the bins they came from. When leaving items, disassemble projects and neatly place them on the shelves or in the bins where they belong. If you or your organization are interested in making a large donation to the Materials Reuse Center, please contact us!

Specializing in These Materials

  • Ceramic
  • Fabric
  • Metal
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Wire
  • Wood

Tools and Equipment

  • woods
  • plastic & foams
  • metals
  • electronics
  • books & paper
  • odds & ends