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Glass: The Hot Shop

Blow or Pour Molten Glass

Last updated on Sep 13, 2021


The Hot Shop
Shaklee Building
Oakland Campus

The Glass Hot Shop is closed for the 2021-22 academic year.
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Craig Petey

Studio Operations Manager - 3D

About the Glass: The Hot Shop

Glass Blowing and Hot Casting Studio

Weekly Gaffer and Sand Casting Slots Available. Please Submit a Project Proposal Form to Glass Studio Manager.

Specializing in These Materials

  • Glass

Tools and Equipment

  • Brand New 900 lb. Continuous-Melt Wet Dog Glass Furnace
  • Glory holes (2): 26” and 13” openings
  • Multiday annealers (2)
  • Day annealers (2)
  • Pick-up kiln
  • Warm-up garage
  • Powder booth
  • Pipe warmer
  • Casting ladles (7) of various sizes
  • Sandcasting boxes and assorted equipment