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Sculpture: Foundry

Things are lighting up at the foundry

The Oakland shops are closed during the summer.

Shaklee Building
Oakland Campus

Access granted while enrolled in casting course, and open to students after having taken the course. Exceptions will be made for those exhibiting a designated skill set.

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Eric Haggin

Sculpture Studios Manager

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Cassie Kise

Studio Operations Manager -- First Year/Sculpture

About the Sculpture: Foundry

CCA is one of the few remaining art colleges in the United States that continues to operate a traditional foundry for casting bronze, aluminum, iron, pewter, and other metals using J82 oil sand, plaster and ceramic shell investments.

Our facility features 90- and 60-pound capacity furnaces, large and small burn-out kilns, numerous wax-working stations, a sandblaster, patina torch, and a one-ton overhead swivel crane.

Specializing in These Materials

  • Metal

Tools and Equipment

  • Two speedy melt furnaces (90# and 60# capacity)
  • Two gas fired burn out kilns (10cu ft, 700 cu ft kiln)
  • wax working area
  • sand blaster
  • patina station
  • ceramic shell station
  • wax boil out extraction station


Various events in our shops such as orientations, holidays, and demonstrations will be posted in this calendar.