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Setting up a zoom meeting with Media Center Equipment

Any Room on SF Campus

Step One 

Reserve/Rent this equipment from the SF Media Center: (1. Webcam 2.Snowball Mic/USB Mic 3. Laptop)123

Step Two

Open the Zoom application on the laptop. You will have sign-in choices, choose sign in with google. Sign into your CCA Gmail join your meeting or start a new meeting.


Step Three

IMPORTANT: have anyone else who is in the same room and in the same zoom meeting TURN OFF/MUTE the audio of their zoom or there will be horrible feedback.

Step Four

Plug your laptop into the room as you always would. In this case, we are assuming you have a DVI and an audio jack. Plug the mic and camera into your computer. If using the snowball mic make sure the switch on the back of the mic head is set to setting 3.

Step Five

In your meeting, click the settings menu.


Step Six

In the Audio Settings, change the Speaker to Headphones. That means if you have a mini jack plugged into the audio port on your computer, the audio will come out of the classroom speakers.

Also, change the Microphone to Blue Snowball.


Step Seven

In the Video Tab Change the Video to the “BCC950 Conference Camera” The view should change. That’s it!  



For East 3 and Carolina 241 Only

  1. Turn the TV(s) on and to input 1 using the remote control.

  2. Wake up the Mac mini by moving the mouse (Mac mini is behind large display, upper left) If you see the large blue Zoom screen on the TV, move on to step 4.

  3. Double-click the Zoom Presence icon on the Mac mini desktop. The Zoom screen should appear.

  4. If asked to login choose Sign-in with Google

E-mail: PW: ccA12345

  1. Wake up the iPad and join the CCA wi-fi (Tap Settings, Wi-Fi, join CCA)

  2. On the iPad Select the Zoom Presence App (located on the bottom left of the screen). You should see the main Zoom Presence screen. If prompted to login, use the credentials in step 4.

  3. On the iPad, tap Join and enter your 10 digit meeting ID. If starting an impromptu meeting, tap Meet Now, which will generate a meeting ID to send to your participants.

For East 3 and West 3 Only


Please do not log out of Zoom Presence on the Mac mini or the iPad. 

If you need to exit Zoom on the Mac mini for other applications -  hit Command+H on the keyboard. If you need to quit Zoom Presence to troubleshoot - Passcode: 5656

Do not shut down or sleep the Mac mini - just log out of your accounts and turn the TV(s) off.

For technical assistance please call the SF Media Center 415.551.9240