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Refunds and Program Info


To obtain a CCA Extension tuition refund for a class, an enrollee must officially withdraw by written notice to the Office of Special Programs + Continuing Studies, delivered in person, by fax, or via mail or email only.

Please note: Please know that refunds of tuition or fees and exemption from payment obligations are not available if the institution fails, or becomes limited in making complete, quality or timely delivery of educational or other services due to pandemic, weather or air quality, governmental action, strikes, work stoppages or other labor and civic unrest or other regional or national disasters.

Fax: 510.594.3771
Phone: 510.594.3710
Address: Office of Special Programs + Continuing Studies
California College of the Arts
5212 Broadway, Oakland CA 94618

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Closed Saturday/Sunday

Tuition Refund Details


Our refund policies have been updated for the 2021 term. Please see below for these updates

Please allow four weeks to process all refund requests.

Tuition refunds are prorated as outlined below and are calculated from the day the written notice is received (date delivered in person, date faxed or emailed, postmark date when received).

Business days are Monday-Friday. Weekends are not counted as business days.

Any kind of refund given from an injury or illness requires a doctor's note.

Refunds are as follows:

Courses meeting for 1 or 2 sessions:

  • 90 percent refund four business days before the first class
  • No refund thereafter

Courses meeting for 3 to 6 sessions:

  • 90 percent refund four business days before the first class
  • 80 percent refund one business day before the second class*
  • No refund thereafter

* Please note that for courses meeting on consecutive days, we must receive your withdrawal request by midnight on the day of the first class.

Courses meeting for 7 or more sessions:

  • 90 percent refund four business days before the first class
  • 80 percent refund one business day before the second class
  • 70 percent refund one business day before the third class
  • No refund thereafter

Lab/Materials Fee Refunds

If a student drops a course that requires a lab fee, the fee is 100 percent refundable four business days before the first class. No lab fee refunds may be received thereafter.

If a student drops a course that requires a materials fee, the fee is nonrefundable once the course begins.

Refunds for Canceled Courses

The college reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any course or to change instructors. Courses may be canceled if the minimum enrollment is not met. The dean of special programs makes this determination.

To lessen the chance a course is canceled register as soon as possible. Decisions regarding course cancellations are usually made three to four days prior to the course start date.

If you are registered for a course that is canceled, you will be notified by phone or email. Students in canceled courses will receive a full refund of tuition and all applicable fees.

Confirm Your Refund Request

Students who write in to withdraw from a class should call or email the Office of Special Programs + Continuing Studies to confirm that their withdrawal request has been received and is in process.

Failure to attend class or notifying the instructor alone does not constitute official withdrawal.

Additional Info

SF campus

Course Locations

Some courses are held in San Francisco, and others are in Oakland. Locations are listed in the course description. See How to Get Here for directions to each campus and for campus room and building maps.)

Your registration confirmation notes specific classroom locations. If a classroom is not noted, signs directing you to your classroom will be posted on the first day of class.


Nonmetered street parking is available at either campus. Most street parking near the San Francisco campus is limited to four hours. Read more about parking options here


For wheelchair accessibility information, call 510.594.3710.

Campus Cafés

For a bite to eat on either campus, stop by A2 Café. For hours call 415.863.8169 (San Francisco) or 510.594.3627 (Oakland).



Please check the description of the course you are registered for to see if you need to bring any supplies to the first session.

If the course description does not state that you need to bring any supplies, you need only show up for class. If any supplies are required thereafter, your course instructor will discuss that in class.

Most studio courses require purchasing supplies.

Art Supply Stores

Blick Art Materials is located across the street from the Oakland campus at 5301 Broadway, Oakland, 510.658.2787.

Arch is located adjacent to the San Francisco campus at 10 Carolina Street, San Francisco, 415.433.2724.

Both art store off a 10% discount on supplies. Please provide a receipt of class purchase to get this discount

CCA Building/Facility Access

Please note that as an enrolled CCA Extension student you are registering for a course(s) scheduled to meet at a specific date, day, time.

CCA Extension students do not have access to CCA facilities outside of scheduled class time. There is also no storage available to CCA Extension students, other than for painting students - limited to one painting.