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How often should I check my email?

All program notifications, including application confirmation, studio placement, scholarship awards, and registration information, will be send via email. It is very important to check your email on a regular basis. If you do not have an email address that you check regularly, please apply using a parent or guardian's email address.

What do students do on the weekend?

Residential students will have the opportunity to sign up for optional weekend activities planned by the residential life staff. Past activities have included field trips to local museums, farmer's market, hiking and trips to the beach. All Pre-College students will have the opportunity to go on a program wide weekend trip to Santa Cruz.

All Pre-College students will also take a field trip to San Francisco with their studio class during class time organized by the Pre-College staff.

All Pre-College students have the opportunity to sign up for early evening workshops during the week. A calendar of workshops will be given to students at orientation.

All residential and early evening activities are included in the tuition and are not an extra cost unless noted on the calendar.

Do my high school transcripts have to be received before you look at my application?

Yes. Your application is not considered complete until we receive a copy of your transcript(s). Transcripts can be uploaded onto your application, or mailed to our office.

Transcripts must include grades from fall 2019. We recommend that you order transcripts from your high school as soon as possible in the spring. Most schools take at least two weeks to send out a transcript. Please be aware that high school administrative offices often close during spring break and your transcript request may not get processed during that week.

Will I be notified when the college receives my application?

Yes. An email will be sent to the address provided once your application has been processed. Please allow up to 2 weeks to process applications.

What’s the average amount of a scholarship award?

CCA awards over $100,000 in Pre-College scholarships each year. Merit scholarships are in amounts up to $2,000. Because the number of students applying for scholarships and their financial need varies from year to year, it is not possible for us to state what the average need-based scholarship will be for summer 2020.

We do our very best to distribute our scholarship money so that as many applicants as possible may be able to attend our program. Some students only need a few hundred dollars, some students need $1,000, some students need more.

In addition to demonstrated financial need, applicants with strong artwork and high GPAs receive the most financial support.

Scholarships are for tuition only.

Scholarships are not offered to previous Pre-College scholarship recipients.

Need-based scholarships are only available for U.S. citizens

Do I have to pay the application fee and deposits, if I am applying for scholarship?

Yes. Scholarships are for tuition only. Scholarship applicants should make plans to pay for housing, the housing damage deposit and optional meal plans.

How many pieces should I include in my scholarship portfolio?

For artwork, please submit only five to eight pieces that reflect your best work. Creative Writing applicants should submit two to five pages of writing samples.

What is the best way to submit my portfolio for scholarship consideration?

Applicants may submit their portfolio for review online using SlideRoom ($10 fee) or by mailing a flashdrive to the Pre-College Office: 5212 Broadway Oakland, CA 94618. Please label each piece with your full name, media, dimensions, and year completed. Due to the possibility of lost, stolen, or damaged artwork, the college cannot accept delivery of original pieces of art. If you submit photographs, please indicate whether they were printed commercially or by you.

What is your attendance policy?

Students are expected to arrive to all classes on time. Three late arrivals or early departures (10 minutes) will count as one absence. Absences will negatively impact the student's grade. Parents will be notified after the second absence in any class. Three unexcused absences in a given course will constitute a failing grade.

Students must attend the first and last day of classes, including the final ceremony.

What is the neighborhood like?

The Oakland campus is located in the Rockridge District, a charming residential neighborhood. Nearby College Avenue is populated with a diverse range of restaurants, bookstores, cafés, and retail stores.

The Rockridge shopping center is adjacent to the college and offers a supermarket, a drugstore, restaurants, and other resources. Oakland is a diverse and dynamic urban setting with a thriving and unique art scene.

Where do Pre-College students live?

Many students commute to CCA but over half of our students reside in on-campus residential housing. The residence halls are double rooms, quads or suite-style rooms with semiprivate bathrooms and house two to four students. Common kitchens and lounge areas are available for residents to use.

Rooms are equipped with extra-long twin beds, dresser, chair, desk and a small refrigerator. A suggested list of what to bring will be emailed to students accepted into the residence halls.

What should students bring to live in the dorms?

A list of things to bring will be emailed to students who receive housing.

Clifton Hall and Irwin Hall students are provided with an extra long twin bed, dresser, and window coverings. All residents have access to kitchens equipped with ovens, stoves, and sinks. Clifton Hall and Irwin Hall rooms come with desks to share, microwave ovens, and small refrigerator/freezer units. Clifton and Irwin Hall residents have access to lounge areas that are equipped with televisions and DVD players.

We provide limited cooking utensils, pots and pans, dish soap and sponges, colanders and dish racks for the kitchen common area for students who wish to cook their own meals.

How are students supervised?

The Residential Life Office strives to provide a safe and secure living environment that encourages the personal and artistic growth of all residents. Living in campus housing can be a great learning experience and a lot of fun. CCA housing is staffed and supervised by area coordinators, resident advisors, and a graduate intern.

Area coordinators are professional, live-in staff members who oversee all aspects of residential life. Resident advisors are currently enrolled CCA students who are trained in community building, problem solving, and emergency procedures.

A nightly curfew of 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday, is strictly enforced. Residential students are not allowed to bring vehicles. Additional information regarding residential policies will be provided to accepted applicants. CCA Residential Life policies apply to all residential students, including all guests.

Will there be Internet access?

Yes. All rooms have Internet access. Internet connection information will be provided upon check in. Laundry facilities also are available.

How much money do students need?

All art supplies are covered in the tuition costs. Please note that all we can provide are suggestions and that you should try to estimate based on your experience of what your student’s eating and spending habits are.

The amount of money needed for meals will vary. A trip to the grocery store may average $50–75 a week. If the student eats out instead of cooking at the residence halls, they will need to bring more money. The student will want spending money for field trips, etc.

The most convenient and safe way bring money would be to use ATM, debit cards, or credit cards. Students should bring some cash with them, but like any conscientious traveler, they should avoid carrying large amounts of cash on their person.

Where are the nearest banking facilities?

Three banks are located within a block of CCA's Oakland campus: Bank of America, Chase, and Wells Fargo Bank.

When will I get my housing damage deposit refunded?

Damage deposit refunds are issued approximately 4 weeks after the program ends, less any cleaning or damage charges that have been incurred.

When will I get my grade?

An unofficial copy of your grade will be mailed to you 4–6 weeks after the program ends. To obtain an official copy of your CCA transcripts, please see Student Records.

How can I get a copy of my official CCA Pre-College transcripts?

Detailed instructions on how to order official transcripts can be found in the CCA Student Handbook.

How do I find out more about CCA undergraduate programs?