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Last updated on Mar 22, 2023

The Office of Student Success (OSS) encourages you to schedule a meeting via Zoom or phone for your convenience. In-person appointments are also available. Please schedule a meeting with us!

What is Zoom?

Please contact if you are having any difficulty scheduling a meeting or to request a meeting time/location that works for you.

Confidentiality Statement

Student Success appointments are held in private but are not confidential. If you wish to schedule a confidential meeting with a counselor, CCA offers free Counseling Services for current students. See Counseling Services.

Graduate Students

Graduate students, please contact Kayoko Wakamatsu for advice and support regarding academic standing.

OSS Fall 2022 Appointment Schedule

San Francisco Campus Appointments Available

Zoom or Phone Appointments Only


Sarah, Preston

Marcos, Bianca


Bianca, Preston

Sarah, Marcos


Sarah, Marcos, Bianca


Marcos, Preston

Sarah, Bianca


All OSS Staff

Student Success Team

Select a team member below to view their calendar or contact information and schedule an appointment.

Schedule with Bianca or Preston for the following topics: Academic Probation Support, Academic Success Strategies, Academic Success Plans, Campus Connections, Request for Course Repeat - Fourth Attempt, Information and Referrals, Interim Progress Report (IPR) Support, Policies and Petitions Guidance, Returning to CCA.

Schedule with Sarah for the following topics: Learning Resources and Academic Coaching Referrals, Academic Success Strategies, Academic Success Plans, Campus Connections, Information and Referrals.

Schedule with Marcos for the following topics: Access/Disability Services

Schedule with Kayoko for the following topics: Graduate Student Success, Academic Standing, and Policies that impact Graduate Students.

How to prepare for your meeting:

  • Consider your questions and what you'd like to know more about
  • Reflect on any information you would like to share with us
  • Bring any materials you'd like to talk about

In-Person Meeting Reminders

FERPA Release of Student Success Information

CCA is committed to protecting the privacy of students and adheres to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. If you wish to provide a third party access to information related to your meetings with the Office of Student Success, please visit the following page for information and instructions on completing the Student Affairs FERPA Release Authorization.