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From webcomics to graphic novels, manga to superheroes, comics have never been more popular. The medium is filled with opportunities for innovation for writers and artists of all backgrounds.

This course is a hybrid workshop and seminar designed for first-time cartoonists, experienced visual storytellers, and anyone who loves reading and making comics. By exploring page layouts, character design, story outlining, and visual art techniques, students create and workshop original work.

Students will learn publishing basics, including: how to write pitches; self-publishing techniques for web and print; and historical aspects of comics' fascinating relationship with periodical and book publishing, past and present.

With a focus on editorial, literary and underground comics, post-war to post-millennial, the seminar portion of the class covers personal narrative, comics journalism, fiction (long and short form), and nonlinear comics.

Comics is an all-day studio.

Pre-College 2024 application opens September 15, 2023.

Pre-College comics
Pre-College comics
Pre-College comics

Pre-College Comics