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Industrial Design

Last updated on Jan 29, 2021

Who designs the everyday items in our lives: cell phones, athletic shoes, chairs, computers, cars, bikes, even wearable devices?


Industrial designers are responsible for many of the most exciting products in the world today -- products that transcend the sometimes mundane nature of their use.

The best new designs incorporate not just beauty and utility but also a deep understanding of the user experience.

They integrate sustainability by minimizing their ecological footprint and maximizing energy and resource efficiency.


In this hands-on studio, you learn and apply the fundamentals of the industrial design process: defining needs, sketching ideas, making physical models, and creating working prototypes that communicate their concepts with power, grace, and confidence.

COVID restrictions permitting, the course includes a field trip to a cutting-edge San Francisco design firm, such as Lunar.

Industrial Design is an all-day studio.

To apply to Pre-College Industrial Design click here.

Pre-College Industrial Design
Pre-College Industrial Design
Pre-College Industrial Design