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Program Policies & Logistics

Carpool Coordination for Summer 2023


For students who are commuting and families looking to coordinate a carpool, we've created an open access Google Sheet which parent/guardians will enter their contact information and location and is up to parents/guardians to reach out and connect with others in their area.

Atelier Carpool Sign-Up

Attendance Policy


Summer Atelier participants are expected to be present for the entire program, barring illness.

This means participants are in class for the full duration of the program. If another activity (e.g., soccer practice) or planned family vacation conflicts with a full-time commitment, please do not register for the program.

The Summer Atelier is an intensive immersion in art, with six hours of instruction daily. Students are expected to arrive on time to all classes. Late arrivals and early departures are disruptive to the program and are not acceptable.

If an unforeseen event occurs and your artist needs to leave early, please contact us by emailing



If your child will miss a class due to illness, please notify by emailing

Thank you for this courtesy.

Code of Conduct


California College of the Arts is committed to offering high-quality CCA Atelier programs.

In the event that a participant's behavior is deemed disruptive to the experience of other participants, by either one or more of the participant's instructors or by the Youth Programs & Continuing Education staff the college reserves the right to withdraw the participant from the program.

No refund will be issued.

Health & Medications


The College, families, and students all want the CCA Atelier experience to be a successful one. The College requires parents and guardians to inform us in advance of any learning disabilities/differences or health issues.

If this applies to your student, we encourage you to let us know the specifics by email at least one week before the start of the program. In your letter, please specify if you would like this information shared with your child’s instructors and college staff.

IMPORTANT: Please note that our staff and instructors are not allowed to provide or administer any medical treatment or medication to CCA Atelier participants.

Therefore, it would be very helpful if you could please plan ahead. In the event that your child is likely to need medication while at the program – for cramps, allergies, headaches, etc. please make sure that they have this with them and that you have discussed when and how to take it.

CCA Atelier is an intensive immersion art and design program. If your child takes medication during the regular school year, to help focus and successfully participate in a school environment, we ask that you continue this course of action throughout the program.

Personal Electronic Devices


During class time, students are not allowed to use portable music players, personal laptops, tablets, or other electronic devices of any kind unless part of the instruction. This is to encourage students to be present and engaging with their peers and instructor.

If students have a cell phone, it must be turned off while classes are in session. Students are welcome to use these devices when not in a classroom.

No skateboards or scooters are allowed on campus.

The Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA)


Minors attend this program. The program follows CANRA, the law on reporting to child protective authorities if there is any information received about possible abuse of children of the program wherever and by whomever the possible abuse may be occurring. Program administrators are trained in CANRA, and other personnel of the program are required to immediately inform an administrator if any such information is received.