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Chair Review Procedure

At the end of each academic year, deans will meet with chairs for an evaluation of their performance. The dean and chair will review the chair’s year end report and goals documents. The dean will submit a written summary of the evaluation to Academic Affairs for the chair’s file of record.

The evaluation procedure for program chairs on three-year terms seeking renewal follows the steps outlined below:

  1. During semester five, the dean, in consultation with the provost, may invite the chair to continue to chair after semester six.
  2. If the chair is interested, they will submit a letter to the dean stating this interest, detailing accomplishments in the position to date and outlining goals for the next three years by the first week of semester six.
  3. The dean requests letters of evaluation/recommendation from two ranked faculty members in the program. The letters should describe the faculty members’ experiences of working under the chair.
  4. If the chair works closely with other divisional chairs, the dean requests a letter from one of them reviewing the chair’s performance.
  5. The dean provides an opportunity for all program faculty and key staff to provide additional information about the chair’s performance.
  6. The dean shares the findings of the review and makes a recommendation regarding the chair’s continuance to the provost.
  7. The provost makes a final determination regarding the renewal and reappointment of the program chair.

This process should be completed no later than the middle of semester six, and the chair should be informed of the decision no later than week 10 of semester six.