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Course Schedule Deadlines

More information coming soon!

For the 2019-20 academic year, all course scheduling and student registration will be completed in Workday, using a platform called Workday Student.

The college will be transitioning to the use of Workday Student over the course of the 2018-29 academic year. This means that there will be new and different tasks and processes for chairs to complete in order to submit the 2019-20 schedule.

Academic Affairs and ETS will be providing multiple training sessions over the course of the academic year to prepare all chairs for these changes. All chairs must attend these training sessions in order to be able to complete their scheduling obligations. Additional information will be shared as soon as it is available.

Please note: Ranked faculty (tenure and ranked non-tenure) may not be scheduled to teach on Wednesdays from 12-3pm. This three hour time block is when all governance committees have scheduled standing meetings. Other service opportunities are scheduled, when possible, during this time. It is also generally understood that ranked faculty may be available during this time block for any program or division wide meetings a chair or dean should choose to convene. In rare and exceptional circumstances in which a ranked faculty must be scheduled Wednesdays 12-3pm, the program chair responsible for scheduling the faculty at this time must obtain permission from the Provost.