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Last updated on Oct 11, 2019

Successful collaborations not only help elevate the college’s profile and reputation, but also help build capacity by providing additional resources in the form of materials, equipment or funds, for a given program or division.

CCA offers an initial Framework for discussion with Partners to determine the scope and content of a collaboration. Ranging from full semester studios to 1-2 day sprints, this "Menu of Opportunities" is offered as a starting point for discussions. Who we’ve worked with:


Faculty Leads work directly in collaboration with the partner to develop the project content and deliverables. With the goal to create the highest level of experience for students and fulfillment of agreed upon outcomes to the partner, Faculty Leads are supported by their Program Chair and Advancement team, who can help with

  • Optimizing sponsorship level based on content and scope (see Sample Project Brief + Budget Sample)
  • Providing guidance with the college’s IP parameters for student work and Non-disclosure agreements
  • Ensuring timely access to funds
How to Partner with Industry: Linkages


Contact your Chair or Dean