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Last updated on Aug 23, 2021

Each team member's specialized realm of work contributes a unique piece to different stages of the project's success, while no one person holds the entire picture. Start with your Chair and Dean, who will help to bring in the rest of our campus collaborators at key points in the project life-cycle.

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Touchpoints for Confirmed Engagement


12 mo.

  • Ideation: goals + curricular/non-curricular models—loop Chair/Dean/Director
  • Affirm faculty expectations


6 mo. out

  • Schedule key milestones for advance, external resourcing beyond Academic Affairs
    • Major presentations, guest review dates + work/installation offsite (to reserve event space, authorizations and photo/videography)
    • Identify the Partner’s project management counterpart
    • Any large prototype, donation or loaned object that may require Facilities/insurance/transport/Technology Services accommodation
  • Logistical needs may affect your budget—see Pre-Planning section: Event chargebacks
  • Agreement terms coordinated with Advancement to include
    • Design Brief (informing the Syllabus+MarCom), NDA, IP
    • Documentation plan (sharing assets, scoping freelancers)
    • Budget, payment schedule + reporting requirements


60 days out

  • Mapping milestones to college operations
    • Shop accommodations
    • Event chargebacks (A/V, off-hours or high-attendee security + custodial)
    • Purchasing turnarounds/processes
  • Affirm studio expectations + RA/student hire briefing


After add/drop

  • Sponsored Studio Orientation with students
  • Open preliminary POs

Mid-review / First receipts

  • Group check-ins, reprise business processes + expense tracking
  • Partner-CCA logo exchange for graphic design/videography content

1 month out > 15-minute weekly check-ins

2 weeks out

  • Finalize catering menu

1 week out

  • Finalize guestlist/catering numbers
  • Final logistics

Final presentation

  • Day-of staffing



  • Extended engagements? (e.g. dissemination at a conference)
    • Student travel + extracurricular labor requires additional funding/compensation
  • Budget reconciliation
  • Wrap documentation final cut for MarCom + Chairs
  • Loopback with Sponsor experience

View this as a downloadable Checklist.