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Faculty Travel Grant (Discontinued)

The Faculty Travel Grant has been revised. Please review the information for the Faculty Development Grant for details.







15 September 2018

September 30, 2018 - October 15, 2018

September 30

Two weeks post travel

The Faculty Travel Grant is awarded for professional or academic travel by a faculty member to present at a conference or workshop related to their professional practice or teaching, or to conduct site-specific research related to an upcoming exhibition or publication.

These awards are prospective; funding will be awarded for future activities.

Applicants must have an explicitly stated and achievable outcome for the travel award, such as a formal invitation to exhibit the resultant work, a confirmation of acceptance to present at a conference, or a letter from an editor or publisher.

  • Award range is up to $1,000 per applicant
  • Total Travel Grant funds to distribute this round: $5,000

Selection Process

Recommendations, including award amounts are chosen by a four member Faculty Travel Grant Review Committee made up of CCA faculty, with representation from across the divisions, in consultation with the Associate Provost, and with final approval by the Provost.

Faculty Travel Grant Review Committee Members

Nilgun Bayraktar, PhD | Faculty, Visual Studies, Film
Thom Faulders | Faculty, Architecture
Arthur Gonzalez | Faculty, Ceramics
Robert Hunt | Faculty, Illustration

Evaluation Criteria


Apply now for the Faculty Travel Grant. Choose the relevant application, create a user account, and submit.

Additional Requirements

Grantees must submit a brief summary of the project and original receipts (not copies) of expenses for reimbursement by the corresponding deadline. In some cases, we appreciate faculty members' willingness to share experiences with members of the college by invitation of the committee.

Applicants are reminded to review the CCA Academic Policy regarding absences from teaching, and are advised to make appropriate arrangements should the travel result in absence from class.

NOTE: Grants are awarded only for reimbursable expenses for the specific proposal requested; if the proposed activity changes after receiving the award, the faculty member must resubmit the proposal to the committee.

Contact ShawnJ West, Manager, Academic Administration, for additional information regarding regarding the faculty travel grants and the proposal process.