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Workshops, Trainings and Conversations


Workshops, trainings and conversations are presented to increase faculty knowledge and skills related to teaching and learning with different topics and focus for each session.

Scheduled events are located on the Teaching Lab Google Calendar.

Teaching Moments in October

  • Teaching with the Library

with Daniel Ransom

Library collections serve as a source of inspiration for artists, designers, and makers of every kind. Learn how to use the libraries as a source of inspiration for your classes while developing the information literacy skills of your students.

SF: Tuesday October 1 | 11:10-11:50

Simpson Library

Oakland: Wednesday October 2 | 11:10-11:50

Meyer Library

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  • Workday Student Grading

with Em Meine

Learn about grading, your teaching dashboard, and prepping for next semester.

Oakland: Monday October 7 | 11:10-11:50

Founders 306

SF: Tuesday October 8 | 11:10-11:50

Computer Lab C

SF: Wednesday October 16 | 11:10-11:50

Computer Lab A

Oakland: Thursday October 17 | 11:10-11:50

Founders 306

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  • Teaching Students to Identify and Correct Their Own Grammar Errors

with David Skolnick

I will present strategies for increasing student self-awareness and accountability for their own grammar mistakes. Using the assignments they are already writing for your class, the tools I will give to you help your students identify their own grammar error patterns and will point them to online resources they can use to figure out how to correct them. You can adjust these tools to make them more or less encompassing according to how many and which grammar points are important to you as your students' audience.

Oakland: Monday October 7 | 11:10-11:50


SF: Wednesday October 23 | 11:10-11:50

Main Building, E1

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  • Creating digital projects with Google Sites, Adobe Spark Page, Twine, and Scalar

with Lisa Conrad

An overview of tools to create digital projects with your students.

SF: Monday, October 14 | 11:10 a.m

Simpson Library, San Francisco

Oakland: Friday, October 18 | 11:10 a.m.

Meyer Library, Oakland

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  • Breaking the Myths of Disability Support Services. What you should know!

with Jeannine Szamreta and Jeremy Khuth

This session will go over CCA's disability support office, differences between H.S and college, the accommodation process for students, and how faculty can collaborate with the Dean of Students Office in helping students access their education.

SF: Monday October 14 | 3:30 - 5pm

Room E3

Oakland: Friday October 18 | 3:30 - 5pm

Macky Boardroom

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  • Understanding and Supporting Multilingual Learners

with Shalle Leeming

Learn about challenges non-native speakers of English may face with your course reading assignments and instructional strategies for helping them succeed. If possible, bring a reading or text from your class (paper or electronic).

Oakland: Monday October 21 | 11:10-11:50

Room B1

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  • Responding to Unexpected Student Behavior - What to Do When?

with Jeannine Szamreta and Gesita Tafesse

What do you do when students act up in the classroom? How do you know what's allowed and what's not, and how to handle unwanted behavior? Get some quick tips on what types of behaviors fall in the gray areas and how the College handles those situations. Learn some steps that can be taken to ensure that you and the students receive the support you need when these behaviors show up in the classroom.

SF: Monday October 21 | 3:30 - 5pm

Main Building E3

Oakland: Friday October 25 | 3:30 - 5pm

Macky Board Room

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  • Exhibiting in the CCA Libraries

with Lisa Conrad

Opportunities to showcase student, faculty, and staff work, special projects, and library collections, both in the libraries and on our new digital exhibitions site.

Oakland: Tuesday, October 22 | 11:10 a.m.

Meyer Library, Oakland

SF: Monday, October 28, 11:10 a.m.,

Simpson Library, San Francisco

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Teaching Lab: October

Teaching Moments

Weekdays, 11:10 - 11:50

Teaching Moments are brief presentations on a targeted topic designed to provide pedagogical information or skills that you can use immediately.

Teaching Moments are led by faculty and staff on a wide range of topics related to classroom management, curriculum development, educational technology, and all things connected to excellent teaching.

Teaching Moment topic examples:

  • The traveling brainstorm
  • Kahoot and how to use it
  • Digital scholarship
  • Voicethread and how to use it
  • Increase Your G Suite Literacy
  • Digital scholarship
  • iPad projects with students
  • Exhibitions in the classroom